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Black Friday Deals from Step2!

Step2.comBlack Friday Savings are in full-effect over at Step2, with special deals on a variety of best-selling items. You'll find savings on play kitchens, ride-on toys, art desks, dollhouses and much more, all with no special codes needed.

Click here to check out their list. They've already checked it twice!

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Today marks the official start of the Holiday Season here at Rock Father HQ, and thanks to my friends at Step2, we're getting off to a massive start. What would you do with a $1,000 Step2 Shopping Spree?  I know exactly what I'd start with - the 2013 Pink Corvette Toddler to Twin Bed for Addie, and the Pedal Farm Tractor and Trailer for Finley. But how about for you? A play kitchenwagonclimber and playhouse? How about a backyard climber and patio furniture? How about, a swing set? There's so many possibilities to ponder, and one lucky reader is going to have their wish granted. Step2 has teamed-up with The Rock Father and some of your favorite parenting blogs to make it happen. Now through November 26, you have a shot at a $1000 Shopping Spree on Step2.com!

It's no secret that Fall is my favorite season. Chalk it up to being an "October Baby" myself (at least, that's how I've always justified it), but it seems that everything just feels right in the Fall. Unfortunately, Fall also feels like the most condensed of the seasons - like you have September/October and it's done, even though it technically goes until December. As soon as the ghosts and ghouls vanish back into their crypts on the morning of November 1, that typically signals the beginning of the "Holiday Season" for me, and thoughts of winter soon emerge... and being in Northern Illinois, a November snowfall is not uncommon. I always feel as if I'm trying to cram as much Autumn goodness as I can into Sept/October, and one annual ritual is the changeover from Summer Flowers to Fall Mums.

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While Fall might be is undoubtedly the best season of the year, it also brings with it some safety concerns for the kids as we move toward Halloween. With that, my friends at Step2 have teamed up with The Rock Father and some other great parenting blogs to get one lucky reader and their family hooked up with the wagon of their choice (really, what better way to trick-or-treat than in a wagon?) and a Safety Sam KidAlert! V.W.S. We certainly want all of the little ghouls and goblins to be safe as they walk the streets in search of tricks and treats, and this combo-pack could certainly assist.

My kids are very fortunate that we're in a position in which they get to try out a lot of cool toys at the start of each season. As part of my gig as a Step2 Test Drive Blogger, one of our favorite toys for Fall 2013 is the new Step2 Lil' Chef's Gourmet Kitchen, which I recently reviewed at length, right here on The Rock Father. Available as a Toys "R" Us Exclusive this season in both gender-neutral and pink color schemes, the folks at Step2 and The Rock Father are going to get one lucky reader hooked up with one of these great kitchens for their little one(s)... in their choice of color!

Step2 Test Drive BloggerAs a Work-at-Home Dad (WAHD), I'm in a pretty cool position in that I have a dedicated "Command Center" here at the heart of Rock Father HQ - something I can thank my wife for, as it was her idea to place my home office on the ground floor. Periodically, four-year-old Addie has joined me at my desk - usually pulling up a chair to do some coloring or drawing, but she didn't have her own workspace... until now. As part of my gig as a 2013 Test Drive Blogger, the crew at Step2 sent us their new Creative Studio Art Desk, which is available now as a Sam's Club Exclusive

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