We're just a couple weeks out from Christmas as I write this, and as usual there's some surprising late-season entries hitting stores that could be holiday hits. I'm talking about toys and games, of course - and they're not so much "late" as they are early previews of new things yet to come. From Mattel comes news that they've partnered with Daymond John, Co-Star and Investor on ABC's Shark Tank, to launch a new game: Silicon Valley Startups. With hilarity in mind, this new card game pits "Entrepreneurs" against each other to pitch hysterical startup ideas to "Investors." With all pitch ideas decided through random card draws, players must use their best improvisation skills to win the game.  The game is available now at Target (affiliate) with a national retail rollout planned for 2019.

If you're an avid viewer of ABC's Shark Tank, you may recall an episode from a few years back when Shark Robert Herjavec, Founder & CEO of Herjavec Group made a deal with a little company called Happy Feet. The maker of plush character slippers had been around since the late 90s, but it was that 2014 deal that really took things in a new direction. Now, a new collaboration between Happy Feet and Disney has been revealed, with Happy Feet set to produce a robust line of plush slippers and proprietary footwear for Disney and Disney•Pixar brands, which includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Nightmare Before Christmas, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess, FrozenToy Story 4, and many more. This new lineup of over 30 hand-crafted styles joins previous collaborations including a Marvel line. Each pair of Happy Feet is created using unique fabrics, soft plush, and detailed embroidery to bring fan-favorite characters to life. Check out a preview below...

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Wednesday, August 22 2018 11:49

Shark Tank: Who’s Your Favorite Shark?

Talk about an accidental bite. Who would’ve thought that ABC’s Shark Tank would be so popular, but it’s still raking in the ratings and handing out the dough. It starts another season in October with the Sharks ready to help wannabe entrepreneurs with their latest and greatest ideas. They’re also ready to abuse the contestants, which is probably the real reason why the show is so popular. Who’s your favorite Shark? Here’s a list of the regular Sharks and a few popular Guest Sharks from which to choose.

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YOU KICK ASSLast week, a PR contact hit me up about something she thought would be right in my wheelhouse... and she was right. Customizable action figures are not a new thing, nor are personalized varieties - but the folks behind YOU KICK ASS just might have the best thing going, and on ABC's SHARK TANK tonight, Mark Cuban agreed, partnering to take YOU KICK ASS to the next level. These customizable, personalizable figures run about $60, and can be modded to suit tastes and appearances, including skin tone, costume, superpower, etc. - and 3D printing technology helps craft a head that looks like the recipient.

I must be getting soft this week. Three Kickstarters in seven days, and I usually don't post Kickstarter projects at all (largely because once I do a post, ten more people come at me with their hands out for coverage, and most of them suck), but there have been some good things popping up lately. One example is LiddUp, a cooler with built-in LED lighting... like a refrigerator. Seems like a simple, no-brainer of an idea... but it goes deeper. Featured this past week on ABC's SHARK TANK (where the creators did score a deal), a Kickstarter is up*, and there's no better overview of the product than the video by Jayson Sandberg and Taylor Gwiazdon.