Earlier tonight, while having dinner at Infields beneath Macy's on State Street in Chicago, my brother-in-law's girlfriend asked me about my family, and if there were any real "Chicago traditions" that we kept going. Honestly, my answer was "no." As a whole, there really haven't been any longstanding traditions rooted in Chicago for us, despite how much I talk up my love for the city here on The Rock Father. The reality is that when it comes to tradition, the ones we have are the ones that my wife and I have been establishing, and those are the ones that will matter most for our daughters. The big one, is our trip to visit Santa Claus... who we actually visit twice. The first time is always at Bass Pro Shops on Thanksgiving night, and the second (the really big event) is when we visit him in Santaland at Macy's. Last night, our 2013 sit-down took place.

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PNP Portable North PoleIn the course of putting together my holiday coverage here at Rock Father HQ this year, despite all the cool toys and games that I've posted about, the biggest thing that is always looming in the back of my mind... influencing every move... is "The Magic of Christmas." While physical gifts are nice to have, for a kid, much of the holiday experience has to do with the vibe... the "magic," and I think that a lot of the time it's lost these days. One outfit that is helping to "Make Christmas Magic" is Portable North Pole. Would your little one(s) like to hear from Santa Claus himself during this season? They can... and here's a video that Kris Kringle sent to Rock Father HQ last week for my oldest daughter, Addie:

This year, for the very first time, Cinedigm has brought the International cult classic animated series THE SECRET WORLD OF SANTA CLAUS to DVD here in the U.S. Released as two special 2-disc sets that countdown the days until Christmas, we're getting one lucky reader hooked up with a complete set, right here on The Rock Father, just in-time for holiday gifting!

We're officially one week into the New Year, but Christmas isn't quite finished. My Mom had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I should write something about "Six Christmases," and while I didn't think I would, here I am doing it in January. For my little ones, Holiday 2012 brought Six Christmases. We've got five down and one to go. This blog entry is geared largely for our family to get a look at our December.

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We all know that Santa Claus is a giving fellow, but few know that he has a different side... one where he takes more than cookies and milk in exchange for all those Christmas presents. It's a cautionary tale... one that warns of hiding mistletoe... grab yourself a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Santa Stole My Lady" from FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS below.

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Just days after I posted the first Halloween news for the 2012 season comes the first Christmas news for the year. Actually, it's only sorta the first, but we'll call it the 'first official' piece: acclaimed children's musician LAURIE BERKNER is releasing a Christmas album. Two Tomatoes Records/Razor & Tie will release A LAURIE BERKNER CHRISTMAS on October 30th, a new collection containing fifteen seasonal songs, three of which are original tracks: “Santa’s Coming To My House Tonight,” “Candy Cane Jane” and “Christmas Lights.” 

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