It's impossible to think of Princess Leia without thinking of the late Carrie Fisher, as the character she inhabited lives on in many forms. This year, as Star Wars celebrates its 40th Anniversary, the folks at PPW Toys are continuing their line of licensed Mr Potato Head PopTaters, and as we spin things back to 1977, it's time for a "classic" Mrs. Potato Head version of Princess Leia!

#GhostbustersWeek continues with a pair of figures you won't want to roast or fry...

For the past few years, PPW Toys has been expanding their line of PopTaters by mashing-up pop culture licenses like STAR WARS and MARVEL Comics with unique Mr. Potato Head figures created under license from Hasbro. This summer, the GHOSTBUSTERS are in on the PopTater action, and the first pair has hit the streets under the GHOSTBUSTERS Classics banner, with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man facing off against a lone Ghostbuster, but one that it's a safe bet to say was modeled largely after Dan Aykroyd's Ray Stantz (ECTO goggles!). After all, it was Ray who chose to summon Gozer in the form of Mr. Stay Puft - "something that could never possibly destroy us." Each are available now from my allies at Entertainment Earth, or direct from the PPW Toys website. Check them out in-action here at Rock Father HQ!

In my recent travels, I discovered that I was a little behind on my PopTaters news... that my friends at PPW Toys had slipped out early details on some new characters to join their ever-growing assortment of pop culture-infused Mr. Potato Head dolls, each crafted under license from Hasbro. With the success of their MARVEL line, which recently added some new members of THE AVENGERS, PPW Toys is unleashing Black Panther (hot off CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR), and the first-ever Benedict Cumberbatch PopTater: DOCTOR STRANGE! Ahead of the November 4 release of the next chapter in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, this strange addition to the PopTaters collection will hit retail in August. Check it out below, and pre-order now through Entertainment Earth!

It probably doesn't matter if you're siding with CAPTAIN AMERICA or IRON MAN when CIVIL WAR hits theaters later this Spring, because when it comes to toys, you're probably gonna want your entire AVENGERS collection to be complete... even in spud-tastic form. The latest superheroes to make the jump from the printed page to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe and then into starch-inspired toy form are BLACK WIDOW, the FALCON and HAWKEYE, all reimagined as PopTaters from PPW Toys, and soon to be available at Entertainment Earth. Using the iconic Mr. Potato Head styling (under license from Hasbro), these new 'taters are ready for action! 

Tuesday, October 27 2015 20:53

Holiday Wish Guide: STAR WARS PopTaters

Over the past year, I've written at length about PPW Toys' line of PopTaters - licensed Mr. Potato Head figures that are based on some pop culture icons. In fact, one of their first appearances here on the site was in last year's Holiday Wish Guide. Now they're back for an encore as an official selection for my 2015 Holiday Wish Guide, and it's for good reason - STAR WARS. With the December release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS getting closer, kids and collectors alike are feeling The Power of The Force, and PopTaters keep serving up classic characters in new ways. From Darth Vader to Boba Fett, Princess Leia as Jabba's Captive to Jedi Master Yoda, there's PopTaters representing The Empire and The Rebellion... and no collection would be complete without C-3PO and R2-D2.

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are hands-down two of the horror genre's true cinematic icons. From the adventures that began in Sean S. Cunningham's FRIDAY THE 13th (1980) and Wes Craven's A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984), these two titans of terror quickly achieved legendary status, moving far beyond their "slasher" roots, and into a realm of superheroic Gods. It was in 2003 that the duo would come face-to-face in FREDDY VS. JASON, and that's where I'm drawing inspiration for today's entry into my annual 31 Days of Halloween here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine... in sort of a spudly form. My friends at PPW Toys have recently issued the first horror additions to their ever-growing PopTaters collection of officially-licensed Mr. Potato Head characters (created under license from Hasbro). So which one of these PopTaters is going to get mashed first?

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