LEGO Brand RetailIn what certainly seemed like a bad April Fools' joke, many news outlets have reported today that "LEGO is pulling their Jabba's Palace Playset following a Muslim Controversy." Yes, there were some people that made a stink about nothing. Yes, the LEGO set will end production this year. No, the set is not being pulled due to any controversy, but it will end production in 2013... just as all LEGO sets eventually do. In fact, you can still order the set right now from the Official LEGO Shop.

As I've noted before, we still have LEGO STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES OUT on our DVR from when it originally aired on Cartoon Network last year. With the DVD release happening this Tuesday (pre-order it here), the folks at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment sent over some self-created marketing "Memes" to help spread the word. While I don't know if there's a copy of the DVD headed to Rock Father HQ or not, we actually picked up the previous release, LEGO STAR WARS: THE PADAWAN MENACE on Blu-ray this past Friday since the little ones younglings hadn't seen it yet. Check out the ad-memes below...

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LEGO Shop at HomeI'm a couple of days late in posting this, but the folks over at the official LEGO Shop sent over their list of new items and specials for March, and there's no denying that they're tantalizing for LEGO fans. The possibility of scoring an Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate is fantastic, but it's their new Exclusive Palace Cinema set that really grabed me.

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LEGO Brand RetailLEGO and STAR WARS have been a match of legendary proportions. A "peanut butter and chocolate" marriage of pop culture icons, you could say. Now that my oldest daughter is into both LEGO and STAR WARS, she absolutely loved when Cartoon Network premiered LEGO STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES OUT last year. We actually still have it on our DVD all these months later, but this spring we can let it go as Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, and LEGO have announced a DVD release for March 26... complete with an exclusive DARTH VADER Minifigure!

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