PJ Masks AmbassadorWhen PJ Masks made its debut on Disney Junior back in the Fall of 2015, everyone was caught off-guard not just by how popular it became, but how quickly it happened. Making up for a lack of PJ Masks merchandise last year, kids with Owlette, Catboy and Gekko on their lists this year have a lot to choose from... provided that the grownups (and Santa) can get their hands on some of 2016's most sought-after toys. Since sharing two PJ Masks features as part of my 2016 Holiday Wish Guide here and here, it's time for one more - the "Grand Finale," if you will. At the top of every PJ Masks fan's wish list are the Toys "R" Us Exclusive action figures, playsets and vehicles by Just Play... including my Toy Insider Parent Pick - the PJ Masks HQ. But that's not all! Just in-time for holiday giving, there's some new PJ Masks clothing available at Kohl's, including some ultra-comfy pajamas for girls and boys alike, and the new Super City Run PJ Masks App!

As both a member of The Toy Insider Parent Advisory Board and an official PJ Masks Ambassador, I'm excited to announce that this Friday, December 9, 2016, I'll be co-hosting the #PJMasksHoliday Twitter Party! From 11am-12pm ET, we'll be talking holiday fun, toys, and all about the hit series from eOne Entertainment that airs daily on Disney Junior. This holiday season, PJ Masks toys from Just Play are available exclusively at Toys "R" Us, and we'll be giving you a chance to win one of five (5) collectible figure sets, while one (1) grand prize winner will receive the highly sought-after PJ Masks Headquarters Playset! RSVP here.

PJ MasksI've been singing the praises of PJ Masks for quite some time, and with the Holiday Season upon us, it's time to take a look at more great gift ideas for the little superheroes in your life. I've already touched on some of the fantastic toys that my friends at Just Play have been releasing (and will have more on those soon), with the sought-after HQ playset becoming my Toy Insider Parent's Pick for the Best of 2016. But there's more than just toys when it comes to keeping kids engaged in the world of PJ Masks, and today we'll look at a few of those...

It's been exactly one year since The Lion Guard made its debut on Disney Junior, and in that time a whole new generation has been introduced to the characters and world first explored in Disney's 1994 classic, The Lion King. Appropriately, The Lion Guard focuses on a new generation as well, with Kion, the son of King Simba and Queen Nala, tasked with leading a team that serves to protect the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life. Together these youngsters, including Bunga (honey badger), Fuli (cheetah), Beshte (hippopotamus) and Ono (egret), must work to solve problems and learn respect and compassion for the diverse inhabitants of the Pride Lands. Families wishing to make their own adventures off-screen now have several options, including a few that have become among 2016's hottest holiday toys - easily securing a slot in my annual Holiday Wish Guide. What should you get for your little Lion Guard fan this season? The Rock Father has some suggestions!

It should be no secret that I'm a huge fan of Just Play Toys. Over the past few years, they've quietly built a reputation for making exceptional toys based on some fantastic licenses - many of which perfectly fit The Rock Daughters' interests (Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, PJ Masks, Kate and Mim-Mim, etc). One of their big hits of 2016 comes from Disney Junior's THE LION GUARD, and this Friday, from 11am-12pm ET, I'm co-hosting the #JustPlayToys Twitter Party with The Toy Insider, where you'll have a shot at winning some of the hottest Lion Guard toys! RSVP here!

We're truly living in a Golden Age of children's television, and while there's many great programming options for kids that provide valuable lessons for families, few will likely establish the kind of long-term lasting impact that Doc McStuffins has. I've written about the series many times over the past four years, and now, with its latest iteration - Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital - making a splash on Disney Junior, there's new adventures to be had on-screen and off. The series has inspired a generation, and our oldest daughter is a prime example - a seven-year-old who wishes to become a doctor and has taken what she's learned from little Dottie McStuffins and her friends, and has applied it to other areas of play. She wants to help people, and know the "how and why" to the way things are. For my 2016 Holiday Wish Guide™, I'm showing you the best of the latest Doc McStuffins toys - hand-picked by The Rock Daughters™

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