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Giveaway: The FUNNY OR DIE Game from Hasbro

It's a New Year, and that means it's time for some new giveaways here on The Rock Father - chances to score cool prizes for the whole family. This one is recommended for Ages 13+, the new FUNNY OR DIE Game from Hasbro. The folks from Hasbro Gaming have teamed up with me to get one lucky reader hooked up with a copy to play with their family, and since the game is based on captions... you're gonna have to caption one of my photos to enter!

rubic3The Rubik's Cube is an undeniable classic, and a puzzle that I've owned several of over the years. For the past few, I've had the Icon Edition here in my office (I'm not good with these, so it remains unsolved) and recently we received a couple of new additions that make great stocking stuffers. The Rubik's 2x2 and the Rubik's Key Ring are both miniature cubes that make the Rubik's experience even more portable, and the 2x2 is fantastic for kids and beginners.

TRF XMAS125It's interesting how much a week can change things. For me it's taken a generally positive opinion about a company that I've casually respected in recent months, turned it into a feeling of disappointment, and in the end, made me come to despise said company. I'm talking about toy maker GoldieBlox and their possibly orchestrated fiasco with The Beastie Boys over a viral commercial. When I first heard that they'd borrowed some Beastie Boys music without asking, and then preemptively filed a for a declaratory judgement against the living members of the group, like many, I blogged about it. The "facts" were few, the opinions were many, and all sides took their time with properly addressing anything. What we now know is that GoldieBlox seemed to have had every intention of using (whether it's "parody," "satire," "transformative," "fair use," "infringing" or whatever) the Beastie Boys' 1986 song "Girls" without any regard for the group's opinion on the matter.  Their release today of a "Letter to the Beastie Boys" coupled with the removal of the offending video only solidifies that in my mind, despite their carefully-crafted, likely attorney-urged attempt at trying to save face. Whatever they spent on legal fees and the video itself, the publicity they've gained has been priceless. Everyone (myself included) is talking about GoldieBlox, and really, it's at the Beastie Boys' expense. Speaking as someone whose been "borrowed from" in the past without being asked first, that's not cool.

If you have preschoolers that are into TICKETY TOC on Nick Jr., then I have a brand-new Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway that's just for you! The Tickety Toc fan(s) on your list will love this prize pack featuring some of the new Tickety Toc Toys and Games that are available exclusively through Toys "R" Us. Take a look at the prize pack, and enter for your chance to win below, right here on The Rock Father!

When I arrived back here at Rock Father HQ late Saturday night, I was beat-tired from a day that started at 5:30am, and found my family in Chicago by 8, out in the Western 'Burbs in the afternoon, and back up North just in-time for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (which underwhelmed). After getting things started at the playCHIC Fashion Show on Thursday night, the Chicago Toy & Game Fair - the largest event of it's kind in the U.S. that's open to the public - welcomed families this weekend, and despite my fatigue, I was tempted to share some thoughts right away when we got home. The one thing that actually made me decide to do the sensible thing and go to bed before midnight (probably the first time that's happened in nearly a year) was the fact that a lot of folks who might want to read those thoughts were probably still at the ChiTagFair, and I'd already been all over the social nets with live posts. That said, it was a great event this year - my second (read about last year) - and unlike last, I actually had my little ones with me this time around.

The 11th Annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair takes place this weekend at Navy Pier, but just hours ago the festivities got off to a fashionable start with The 2nd Annual playCHIC Fashion Show at the River East Art Center. Hundreds of insiders from the toy and game worlds came together with those from the fashion industry for a runway show that combined "fierce fashion with top toys." Now, I'm not exactly known for being fashionable, but my reaction after attending my first-ever fashion show? Very impressive...

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