Netflix #StreamTeamAs we get ready to close the books on June and move into the second half of the year on an official basis, my friends at Netflix are looking toward the future, while also keeping a keen eye on where things are in the present. Earlier this month, a question was posited: Where is the craziest place that you've gone to sneak-in a Netflix fix? They even whipped-up a little chart with some common locations for sneaky streamers, and I'll fully admit to matching #1... perhaps while in the process of #2. Yes, I've maybe watched a show on the throne, but I don't make a habit of it - most of my viewing is actually right here in my office at Rock Father HQ, but it you have an interesting locale for streaming, I'd like to hear about it! So what's new from Netflix? A lot of stuff, but I'm focusing on a few pics from our family to yours, as well as one piece of news that I'm really digging...

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Last night, just as The 57th Grammys were getting rolling on CBS, I was stepping off a plane at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, just in from the Disney/ABC #McFarlandUSAEvent in Los Angeles. Had I jockeyed my schedule around, I could've stayed in L.A. a bit longer to attend the ceremony at the Staples Center (a couple offers had been extended), but there was just no way for it to work out. My personal relationship with the annual award show is a rocky one - loving it as a celebration of music on one hand, while looking at it as an extravagant relic of years' past on another - bestowing the coveted Gramophone trophy upon artists and releases that often are far from the "best," and sometimes miss-the-mark to create curiosities of legendary proportions (hat tip to JETHRO TULL, here). For the public (and even many artists), the "how" of these nominations and awards is often muddied by a lack of understanding as to the process of culling the nominees... which I will explain as simply as possible.

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Welcome to THE ROCK FATHER's Kindie Scene 6, a new column in which you'll find some quick thoughts on six genre-spanning family-friendly albums that you can check out right now. On-deck today, we've got records spinning from BRADY RYMER, ERIC HERMAN, RIFF ROCKIT, THE OKEE DOKEE BROTHERS, DJANGO JONES and SUZI SHELTON. Let's get to work...

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Each Mother's Day, I post a similar message on THE ROCK FATHER and all of my social networks: "For All the Moms Who Rock, I Salute You." Yes, that play on the old AC/DC classic "For Those About to Rock" is something I stand behind, but this year, I have something very special for all of you to go with it - a Kindie Rock playlist from a group of true All-Stars, all of whom are allowing me to share their music with you as a FREE DOWNLOAD for the next week. Below the break, you'll find ten songs for Moms to share and enjoy with their kids - tracks from folks like Seattle's THE NOT-ITS!, the wonderful LUCKY DIAZ and THE FAMILY JAM BAND, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS bassist DANNY WEINKAUF, and more...

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Singing Our Way ThroughThis album brought tears to my eyes. From the spoken word declaration, "I Am the Light," ALASTAIR MOOCK establishes SINGING OUR WAY THROUGH: SONGS FOR THE WORLD'S BRAVEST KIDS as an album unlike any other in recent memory - not because of the terrifying journey that spawned it, but because of the inspiring way that Moock and his family are using their experiences to bring joy to the lives of others. Their tale began last July, when one of Moock's five-year-old twin daughters was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia... Childhood Cancer.

Joanie Leeds - BANDWAGONNew York-based JOANIE LEEDS has been busy. In the past thirty days, the singer/songwriter and her band, THE NIGHTLIGHTS, have released a new album, and fourteen music videos to support it. That album, BANDWAGON, has been in regular rotation here at Rock Father HQ for a bit now, a fun, fifteen-song collection of tunes perfect for summer - or a summer road trip with the kids. And I have used it on the road.

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