I really dig Kiwi Crate. First featured here on The Rock Father back in June and later reviewed at length, Kiwi Crate is subscription service that sends families monthly "crates" containing fun projects to do that "encourage key developmental skills, such as problem solving, creative expression, gross and fine motor skills and communication." Everything you need for the project is included. Now comes word that a music-centric crate has been created as a joint effort between Kiwi Crate and Carnegie Hall. 

When I was a kid, the only 'summer camp' I went to was a Church camp in Michigan called 'Tower Hill.' I still have nightmares about the place, but in retrospect it's probably where I learned to throw up the horns \m/ \m/ and become an metal-loving atheist. For kids now, they can bypass all the mumbo-jumbo and just skip ahead to throwing up horns and headbanging, as the famed SCHOOL OF ROCK just sent The Rock Father details on their first-ever METAL CAMP for ''young metalheads ages 12-18.'' Now this sounds like the kind of place that I'd be proud to send my kids.

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Last year, LEGO duplo released a series of 11 songs under the LEGO DUPLO JAMS banner. Inspired by British Pop and performed by a ''preschool Dad,'' the tracks are designed to be a companion for playtime - especially when paired with the popular LEGO duplo blocks. A study conducted between May-June 2011 was released alongside the 'JAMS and presented some data that's not surprising - 55% of children are happier when music is coupled with play; 50% are more excited when they hear music; and 43% of children act sillier when music is coupled with play

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Sunday, February 06 2011 17:46

JUNO'S PIANO (Music App Review)

juno125Last month we first told you about THE JUNO COMPANY's JUNO'S PIANO, a new App for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch that helps teach children the real-life basics of playing the piano. As a parent myself, and with Kik Axe Music always on the lookout for the latest in music education, I decided to take a test-drive of my own, downloading the App for my iPhone.

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