My wife was just watching THE SOUP with Joel McHale tonight, and she called me into the room. There on the screen was a clip from AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, in which a 6-year-old girl named Aaralyn was growling out a song called "Zombie Skin" with her 9-year-old brother, Izzy banging the drums as pre-tracked guitar/bass rumbled in the background. These kids rule, and thanks to Howard Stern, they're going to Hollywood for the next round. Watch the full clip below, in which Stern, along with Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Mel B (Scary Spice) weigh in on the performance.

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One of the most prominent pieces of equipment here in my office at Rock Father HQ is my PEAVEY Supreme 160 Half Stack. I bought it new back in '94-ish, and this amp carries some true "road wear" (it traveled with me for years) and some crazy stories. We've had many adventures, my Peavey and I (even my first "practice amp" was a Peavey) - and as The Rock Father, it's the first electric guitar amp that my little ones have rocked out with first hand. Now comes news that Peavey has partnered with Nickelodeon to bring some rock to the kids... with the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.

I was just a month out from my seventh birthday when HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS released their album, SPORTS in September of 1983. As a kid growing up on this new thing called "MTV" (Music Television), a cable network that had just hit the two-year mark a month prior, Huey Lewis & The News became my first rock band. At the same time my young mind was absorbing the sonic stylings and visual accompaniments of artists like Michael Jackson and Duran Duran, Lewis and his crew became my gateway drug into a larger world filled with "The Heart of Rock & Roll" - guitar, drums, bass...

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This week, LED ZEPPELIN: SOUND AND FURY, a digital book by noted photographer Neal Preston, arrived exclusively on the iBookstore for the iPad. To celebrate it's release, the folks at Rhino Entertainment have teamed with The Rock Father to provide readers with a chance to win a limited-edition 8x10 print, signed by photographer/author Neal Preston himself. Details on this incredible new digital book can be found below, along with your chance to enter this special giveaway!

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PBS Digital Studios, the same crew that brought all of those fantastic ICONS: REMIXED videos (Mister Rogers, Bob Ross, Julia ChildReading Rainbow) to the web, have just launched a new webseries called BEAT MAKING LAB. In these new videos, a pair of music professionals and educators travel to locations such as Panama, Senegal, and Fiji to teach underserved students how to craft their own hip-hop and electronic music.

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Sprout is getting musical. Beginning Monday, March 25, SING IT, LAURIE! - a new animated musical preschool series - will make it's debut on the 24-hour preschool network. Co-created by family recording artist LAURIE BERKNER and JOSH SELIG of Emmy-winning Little Airplane Productions, the series will showcase Berkner's voice and music, along with Grammy-nominated rocker LISA LOEB (voicing twin sisters).

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