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Disney's PLANES (Blu-ray Review)

PLANESWhen Disney sent us a copy of their movie PLANES on Blu-ray, the whole family was excited since this was a situation where we've actually had many of the toys from Mattel for several months (I previously did a big feature on them here), but we hadn't yet seen the movie (theater-going is a new thing for my oldest, and FROZEN will be her first big-screen Disney experience). Being big fans of Disney•Pixar's CARS, seeing "The World above CARS" was something we'd been eagerly-awaiting since it was teased in the short film AIR MATER on the CARS 2 Blu-ray.

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After being teased in trailers on recent Disney Blu-ray releases for a bit now, it's official - THE JUNGLE BOOK: DIAMOND EDITION will be swinging onto Blu-ray, DVD, and HD Digital on February 11, 2014. Check out the specs below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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Mickeys Christmas Carol I distinctly remember the first time I watched MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL. It was 1983, and THE RESCUERS (which I was too young to see the first time around) was reissued to theaters. Ahead of the film was an "all-new featurette" called MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL. It was a big deal, and everyone wanted to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, and a host of familiar characters in the Walt Disney version of the Charles Dickens classic.

On November 12, DreamWorks Animation's TURBO will speed onto Blu-Ray and DVD just in-time for the holidays. It's a great gift idea (perfect stocking stuffer), and to celebrate the release, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and The Rock Father are getting one lucky reader hooked up with a copy of the brand-new Blu-ray. But first, let's start with some fun facts about snails...

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I'm not quite sure how we missed this here at Rock Father HQ - this news item being penned by a guy that wears a CARS LAND Racing Jacket almost daily - but CARS 3D exists, and was just released today as the CARS 3D ULTIMATE COLLECTOR'S EDITION Blu-ray... making me wish we had a player to support it. Check out some details and a preview below...

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MONSTERS UNIVERSITYIt didn't even hit me until recently that MONSTERS INC. is already a twelve-year-old movie, just the fourth film in a string of hits born of the now-famed Disney•Pixar relationship. Released nearly eight years before I became a parent - or, "The Rock Father" - my little ones hadn't actually seen the film prior to the release of MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (Disney•Pixar's 14th film) earlier this summer. While we'd missed the new prequel during it's theatrical run, a review copy arrived here at Rock Father HQ courtesy of Disney... conveniently just one day after we'd seen the original broadcast on Disney XD.

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