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lulusmall125Unsettling and uneasy would be two words to describe LULU, the forthcoming collaborative effort between former VELVET UNDERGROUND frontman LOU REED and ''Big 4'' topliners METALLICA. The ten-track set (due out November 1st via Warner Bros.) is not an easy record to make it through.

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nothingcdreviewWith THE NEW PSYCHODALIA (out this week via Suburban Noize Records), MUSHROOMHEAD's JEFFREY NOTHING brings listeners his first full-length solo effort. A few years in the works, the debut album from NOTHING serves up nearly an hour's worth of music in a set that contains a lucky 13 songs that manage to both captivate and disturb.

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FORREST DAY - Self-Titled (Album Review)

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forrest125One of 2011's best albums arrived here completely unexpected and unsolicited a few weeks back. The self-titled debut from FORREST DAY was released this week via Ninth Street Opus, this genre-bending Bay Area outfit manages to pack so much into 45 minutes, that it's very possible that no review could ever do the album justice. This is a sonic ride built upon a chassis of jazz - like SOUL COUGHING tossed into a blender with THE BAD PLUS, but with an accidental sprinkling of MR. BUNGLE and some assorted indie rock records and west coast hip-hop albums. It's just delicious.

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misfitsdevilThere's a segment of listeners loyal to the old-school lineup of THE MISFITS that are really going to hate THE DEVIL'S RAIN. It's definitely a MISFITS record, but it's a new-school MISFITS record that moves beyond that of even their late 90's works. By far the most slickly-produced collection of songs from the long-running horrorpunk outfit, and the first full-length set of new tunes since 1999, this is very much like Misfits: Mach 3. The often-imitated elements of horror, sleaze, and rock n roll are here - but they've been given a 21st Century overhaul.

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BLINK-182 - NEIGHBORHOODS (Album Review)

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neighborhoodsdeluxeFor those curious as to why I'm throwing down some thoughts on a high-profile album like BLINK-182's NEIGHBORHOODS a week after it's release - the promo-train passed me by on this one (label didn't send), and I don't chase leaks. That said, the Deluxe Edition of NEIGHBORHOODS is a pretty damn good record.

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61OG1RA1L-L. AA115 When I first called 2011 "The Year that Pop Punk Strikes Back!" this past February, there were some people that threw up a middle finger in my general direction. Most embraced the possibility. Here we are in the last quarter of the year, and you can either call me right - call yourself deaf and blind - or just say that Pop Punk never went away. Regardless, NEW FOUND GLORY is one of the genre's most reliable battle squads, and having an entry from the Florida rockers in the year is indeed the topping on an already-overloaded sundae.

zomby-cover-125Gather 'round boils and ghouls! The 1998 Australia-only EP from SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS has been expanded to a full album, and is now available right here in the good 'ol US of A. ZOMBIFIED has been rebuilt, remastered, repackaged, and reinvigorated with an additional five songs - just like a sonic Frankenstein (the monster, not the Doctor). A perfect addition to your 2011 Halloween Playlist, SCOTS uses their signature brand of surf-charged rockabilly to pay tribute to the drive-in horror and exploitation films of the past.

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sskaliertAnti-Fascist, but sued by the German Goverment for their use of the letters ''SS'' (commonly associated with that of a certain former ruler's elite protection force), SS-KALIERT have been crafting their hardcore punk stylings for nearly a decade. Two years after the ''SS'' incident, the band has delivered SUBZERO, which hits the 'States today through People Like You Records via Century Media.

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kirosOn their new three-track EP, OUTLAWS AND PRODIGALS, Calgary rockers KIROS deliver an extremely short, 11-minute slice of melodic rock worth giving a shot. Containing the title track in both standard and acoustic versions to bookend the release with Desperation Calls in the middle, the band makes a quick display of quality songwriting.

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125LOA LMR CoverWhen a band says that they're ''releasing an EP,'' seldom would you think that said EP would be delivered containing over an hour's worth of  music. On LITTLE MIGHTY RABBIT, the first set of new LORDS OF ACID tracks in over a decade, that's just what we get - albeit with just three original songs. The title track lives alongsideDrowning in Ecstasy and Sole Sucker as the trio of new jams from LOA mastermind Praga Khan and his new band of co-conspirators. The other 9 tracks in the 12-song collection are remixes of Little Mighty Rabbit. All of them are deliciously dirty.

atlasmothrecordLocal boys around these 'here parts (Chicago, that is), THE ATLAS MOTH have been an interesting band to watch evolve over the past few years. Having attended one of their earliest live shows, I've seen and heard this triple-guitar war unit from almost the very beginning, and let me make one thing clear - THE ATLAS MOTH are not a band for everyone. They have a lot going on, and while there's that whole sludge/blues/rock-of-doom thing happening, there's an ambiance that surrounds the band in a way that Deftones used to have that certain extra... something. 

seger125climaxSome of the folks that know me well are familiar with a long-running rumor that I hate Bob Seger. That's not really accurate.

The truth is, that I hate the song Old Time Rock and Roll, and I don't particularly enjoy Like A Rock. I hold such a digust for Old Time Rock and Roll that I actually did tell the DJ at my own wedding that he would not be paid if he played the song (he complied). The opening notes alone are horrifying, and I could easily write paragraphs about my overall dislike of the song. Regardless, due to my relationship with the music of Mr. Seger, it was quite a surprise when remastered copies of LIVE BULLET and NINE TONIGHT showed up on CD here last week.

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