In a weird tie-in to my past adventures in rock comes some news from DAWN OF ASHES. A few years back, I worked with some folks on the former management side of DOA when they were promoting their Metal Blade Records release, GENOCIDE CHAPTERS. The band evolved, management changed, and eventually Kristof and the DOA crew found a new home at Metropolis Records, who released the new DAWN OF ASHES record, ANATHEMA this week. Now, my friend Tom is doing some PR for DOA, and today I've got a FREE DOWNLOAD from ANATHEMA for all of you. Stream/Download "Poisoning The Steps of Babel (feat. Nero Bellum)" below!

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This is pretty interesting... yesterday (a Saturday), KMFDM posts a Facebook update that reads "Brand-new KMFDM video here." The video in question is for "I Heart Not," a track from their newly-released album, KUNST. On the YouTube page, the video is clearly-labeled "KMFDM - 'I Heart Not' Official Video." It's even watermarked with the relevant info (artist/label/album/director). Fans on the Facebook page start panning the video, and all-of-a-sudden the public statistics and comments on YouTube are deleted, then turned off. Four hours later, KMFDM posts another Facebook update with another new video along with the following text: "Another brand new KMFDM video, like the one posted earlier it has had no input from us, they were made uncalled for by people that are into our music. Much appreciated !!" Sure it is.

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Tuesday, February 05 2013 21:29

Preview: KMFDM - "KUNST"

KMFDM are back again on February 26 with the release of their new album, KUNST (out via Metropolis Records). As a big KMFDM fan (they were a massive part of my 90s living in Chicago), the video preview that landed in my inbox this evening has my attention. It's actually been online for a few weeks, but it's new to me and I'm digging it. Check out the preview for KUNST (German for "ART") below...

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Through seemingly countless mini-releases and live configurations over the past few years, Klayton - the multi-hyphenate musician/performer best known as CELLDWELLER - has been giving listeners bite-sized tastes of the music that would ultimately become his second full-length studio album. Now, after much waiting and anticipation, that album has been released as WISH UPON A BLACKSTAR. Out this week on FiXT, 'BLACKSTAR is searing hour of electronic music that bridges and blends elements of dance, industrial, dubstep, and more.

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Thursday, February 16 2012 23:32


Originally Published January 22, 2012 on Kik Axe Music.

It's been nearly four years since MINISTRY performed what were then touted as their ''final'' live shows. Always a skeptic when it comes to bands calling it a day, I was one of those with the mindset of ''they'll be back,'' and while I was disappointed to have missed their three-night run here in Chicago, it's 2012 and the opportunity has presented itself once more. Indeed, Al Jourgensen is back with a familiar band of ''experienced wingmen'' for what is undoubtedly one of the best MINISTRY offerings to come along in quite some time.

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