Kind of interesting for a Thursday night, but someone... call them a little birdie... pehaps an informant... or just a friend of The Rock Father, slipped me a 32-second preview of the title track from the new CANDLELIGHT RED EP, DEMONS. Wanna hear it? Check it out in the soundcloud player below, then look for the EP when it hits retail on August 14.

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Former SMASHING PUMPKINS guitarist JAMES IHA has kept consistently busy between production work (THE SOUNDS, LADYTRON, WHISKEYTOWN) and his own musical pursuits as a member of A PERFECT CIRCLE and TINTED WINDOWS. Now, Iha has announced a September 18, 2012 release date for his new solo album, LOOK TO THE SKY. Set for release via The End Records, you can stream the first single ''To Who Knows Where'' below, right here on The Rock Father. I'm diggin' it.

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So much rock, so little time. If you're only popping into The Rock Father™ for these rapid-fire updates, be sure to check out the homepage for some family-friendly rock n' roll adventures. As for this installment of The Random Rock N' More, I've got updates galore covering 40 bands and artists. If you're not familiar with how this works - I give you the essential information, then give you a link if you choose to learn more. The Random Rock is first, with N' More (all other genres) following. Here we go...

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