125litaIt's been over 30 years since LITA FORD and CHERIE CURRIE last performed together as members of the iconic group, THE RUNAWAYS. In fact, the last time these two recorded new music together, the original STAR WARS was still in theaters - 1977. Fast-forward to 2013, and Ford thought that "the world could use a new Christmas song," and that song just so happened to become a duet with her old friend and former bandmate. Released today, "Rock This Christmas Down" is potentially the first in a series of collaborations between these former RUNAWAYS, and one that lands as Day 3 in my annual 25 Days of Xmas here on The Rock Father. 

It's time for a weekend edition of The Random Rock N' More, the column where the ''...for Grown-ups'' section infiltrates the normally family-friendly homepage of The Rock Father. Below you'll find updates on over 40 bands and artists - all of which have hit my inbox in the past few days. ''Random Rock'' means just that. Black Metal, indie, punk, acoustic, underground, mainstream - it's all here. ''N' More is everything else for a well-balanced musical parfait. Let's get to work.

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188032 222349634448294 5639089 nNo story about THE RUNAWAYS would be complete without a little (or a lot) of behind-the-scenes drama, and TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT - A TRIBUTE TO THE QUEENS OF NOISE: THE RUNAWAYS (out today on Main Man Records) is no exception. The expansive, two-disc collection of cover songs recently made headlines when two of THE RUNAWAYS - Joan Jett and Cherie Currie - allegedly plotted an attempt to stop the release of the album; a plan that failed as pre-orders for the album have shipped and it's made it's way onto iTunes.

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