One of my top five favorite bands of all-time has a new record hitting the streets on May 13, when PRONG releases RUINING LIVES. Just two years after the release of the excellent CARVED INTO STONE (which I reviewed here on THE ROCK FATHER). Produced by PRONG mastermind TOMMY VICTOR with Steve Evetts (SEPULTURA, HATEBREED) there to add "his shine" to the record, you can imagine that I'm more than a little excited. Here's what Victor has to say about the forthcoming release...

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Official Press Release: Step into an apocalyptic underworld where firebreathers, nightmarish creatures on stilts, fire and percussive light, and stunning visuals set the stage for an intoxicating and unforgettably sinister concert experience. The first-ever KNOTFEST--an extraordinary two-day metal and hard rock destination festival--will feature performances from SLIPKNOT, DEFTONES, LAMB OF GOD, DETHKLOK, SERJ TANKIAN, CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, THE URGE, PRONG, GOJIRA and more. KNOTFEST will debut in the heart of America on Friday, August 17 in Council Bluffs, IA at Mid America Motorplex and Saturday, August 18 in Somerset, WI/Minneapolis, MN at Somerset Amphitheater. A list of artists performing at each date is available online at: www.knotfest.com.

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PRONG will released new album CARVED INTO STONE tomorrow, and if you've read my review (which I certainly hope you did), then you already know that you need to own it. Today, the band has released their first video from the new set, one for ''Revenge... Best Served Cold,'' the song that I noted as being the first prong jam since 1996's ''Rude Awakening'' to properly secure a space alongside songs like ''Prove You Wrong,'' ''Beg to Differ,'' and ''Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck,'' as a true PRONG classic. Take a look via Carlos and the gang at Noisecreep...

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Saturday, April 14 2012 10:45


''I hate nostalgia,'' declares PRONG frontman Tommy Victor when discussing CARVED INTO STONE, the eighth full-length studio album to bear the band's name. ''But this record literally has  every strand of PRONG's DNA spliced together in a way that feels more exciting than it has in some time.'' While it's commonplace and cliche for bands to tell you how much better their new album is when compared to their last, Victor's sentiments on the new PRONG record are no mere creation of a PR hype machine. They're both accurate and important for longtime fans and new listeners alike. Like it or not, ''nostalgia'' is a large piece of the PRONG experience for many listeners, myself included.

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So much rock, so little time. If you're only popping into The Rock Father™ for these rapid-fire updates, be sure to check out the homepage for some family-friendly rock n' roll adventures. As for this installment of The Random Rock N' More, I've got updates galore covering 40 bands and artists. If you're not familiar with how this works - I give you the essential information, then give you a link if you choose to learn more. The Random Rock is first, with N' More (all other genres) following. Here we go...

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MINISTRY - RELAPSE (Advance Album Review)

ministrycoverIt's been nearly four years since MINISTRY performed what were then touted as their ''final'' live shows. Always a skeptic when it comes to bands calling it a day, I was one of those with the mindset of ''they'll be back,'' and while I was disappointed to have missed their three-night run here in Chicago, it's 2012 and the opportunity has presented itself once more. Indeed, Al Jourgensen is back with a familiar band of ''experienced wingmen'' for what is undoubtedly one of the best MINISTRY offerings to come along in quite some time.

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