"I was extremely into the whole idea of being a father," states Tom Stevens, recalling the moments in which he realized he would soon become a Father. "I felt that having a promising future as a family man was just meant to be after I met my wife. I never had any interest in it before then but I changed a lot in a short period of time. I was more excited than afraid - it is a lot to take in even when you know it is coming. I am sure I was not as cool as I remember myself being, but my reaction was that good kind of shock that leaves you speechless and smiling." An occasional contributor to THE ROCK FATHER website (specializing in Disney travel), Stevens multi-tasks as the driving force behind NOKTURNEL, while running a leather business with his wife, and raising snakes! Above all, he's a great Dad, and finds himself featured here ahead of Rock Father's Day 2014.

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Today we have a guest blog from a fellow Rock Father - Tom Stevens, guitarist/vocalist of NOKTURNEL, expert snake handler, and Disney aficionado. Together with his wife, Eloisa, they've got Orlando down to a science, and today Tom's dishing on Disney's BoardWalk Villas.

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So much rock. So little time. I cover 'Music for Kids' and 'Music for Grown-ups' here on The Rock Father™, and since so much news from the latter pours in here on a daily basis, there's just no way to cover it all... but I can do a lot, in bite-sized nuggets. Hence, The Random Rock N' More - quick one-liners on dozens of bands and artists, each with a link to delve deeper if you choose. The important info without the fluff. It's also the only real time that the 'For Grown-ups' music hits the homepage. We'll start with 'Rock' - from indie to mainstream, metal to punk, and everything in-between - then shift to 'N More' for some other genres. Here's updates on over 36 bands and artists for May 5, 2012. 

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