I often cite that the first record I distinctly recall asking my parents to buy me was Michael Jackson's THRILLER. I still have my well-worn vinyl album from 1982, and while I've played Jackson's works for The Rock Daughters since birth, it's really been over the course of just the past few months that they've really started to enjoy them. Now, with the Halloween season soon to be here, Epic/Legacy Recordings in collaboration with The Estate of Michael Jackson, will release Michael Jackson SCREAM, a collection of hits inspired by Michael's love for season, available beginning September 29, 2017.

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When I found out that I'd get to spend some time with filmmaker/choreographer Kenny Ortega on one of my recent visits to Los Angeles, I was pretty excited. The Director of NEWSIES, HOCUS POCUS and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL actually helmed the film that was the very first Blu-ray I personally bought after beginning my format switch - the 2009 documentary musical, MICHAEL JACKSON'S THIS IS IT. I may not mention it often, but Jackson has been a big influence in my own musical life, so it was fitting that THIS IS IT was my first Blu-ray purchase, as THRILLER was the first album I remember asking for on vinyl. Ortega's connection to "The King of Pop" not only as a Director, but as a Choreographer, was not the reason for our meeting, however... it was all about his latest work, Disney's DESCENDANTS.

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If you haven't seen or heard what Anthony Vincent does with his TEN SECOND SONGS series on YouTube, you've got some viewing to do. After tackling LINKIN PARK and KATY PERRY, JASON DERULO and ARIANA GRANDE in videos that have become certified viral hits, Vincent has put his skill to work on MICHAEL JACKSON'S THRILLER - released this week, just in-time to make it into this year's 31 Days of Halloween here on THE ROCK FATHER. Performed in 20 different vocal and musical styles, Vincent shifts seamlessly from OINGO BOINGO to TYPE O NEGATIVE, CANNIBAL CORPSE to THE MISFITS, TOM WAITS to JACKSON himself and more. Check it out...

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I have a real soft spot for FEARLESS RECORDS' long-running "Punk Goes" series. In fact, I think I've reviewed almost every installment, and I'd written a "10 Years of Punk Goes..." retrospective that ran on a long-lost website a couple of years ago. Well, I may have to dust those off and repost them here, because FEARLESS has announced a November 6, 2012 release date (Election Day!) for PUNK GOES POP 5 - a new collection of pop hits covered by a crop of not-so-punk-but-still-cool bands. The Rock Father has the tracklisting for you below...

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Keeping busy on Baby Watch 2012, I've been behind on the music news. Since the publicists and artists have been looking for coverage, I'm always happy to help when I can, so that means it's time for another list of rapid-fire updates on over 40 bands and artists from around the music spectrum. This is also when the not-neccessarily family-friendly content gets a spot on The Rock Father homepage, so be warned.

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immortal2To approach the release of MICHAEL JACKSON - IMMORTAL as just another ''greatest hits'' or ''best-of'' set would be a mistake that more than a few people are destined to make when they see the disc on shelves this holiday season. Released this week in a 27-track collection or as a 20-track ''highlights'' edition, IMMORTAL re-imagines classic songs from every era of Jackson's storied career by drastically shifting arrangements, and crafting a seamless soundtrack for the Cirque du Soleil production based on the legacy of Jackson as a performer.

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