It's time for a weekend edition of The Random Rock N' More, the column where the ''...for Grown-ups'' section infiltrates the normally family-friendly homepage of The Rock Father. Below you'll find updates on over 40 bands and artists - all of which have hit my inbox in the past few days. ''Random Rock'' means just that. Black Metal, indie, punk, acoustic, underground, mainstream - it's all here. ''N' More is everything else for a well-balanced musical parfait. Let's get to work.

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I wasn't going to post anything regarding the death of ADAM YAUCH, aka 'MCA' of the BEASTIE BOYS. Everyone has already heard the 'news,' and I'm not keen on posting the morbid stuff here on The Rock Father... but this morning, I changed my mind. While browsing the comments section of another site, someone noted trollingly jokingly that while Yauch had been sick with cancer since 2009, he'd actually ''been Ill since the 80's.'' I didn't find the comment offensive, but rather pretty clever and punny.

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