I've been meaning to write a blog about the classic, 1970s FISHER-PRICE Record Player, but this isn't why: A guy has come up with a creative way to mill brand-new records for the iconic toy. The story hit Gizmodo this evening and linked to the original instructions on how to pull this off.

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I've posted an unusually large number of stories focused on the music of THE SMITHS this month, that it almost seems like overkill. No, not the thrash metal band ''Overkill,'' but a little too much. But, this news is just too good not to share.  First off, those interested in introducing THE SMITHS to their infants might be interested to know that the Rockabye Baby! LULLABY RENDITIONS OF THE SMITHS (full details here) will be getting a limited-edition vinyl release for Record Store Day 2012.

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