Netflix Stream TeamLast month, the Netflix Original Series JULIE'S GREENROOM premiered to stellar reviews from kids, parents and critics alike. I even featured the series in my monthly column for the Netflix #StreamTeam, and now comes word that the music from the show will soon be available for families to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Varèse Sarabande will release the JULIE’S GREENROOM – Original Netflix Series Soundtrack digitally on April 14 and on CD May 5, 2017.  The soundtrack features songs performed by Broadway and screen legend Julie Andrews as well as wonderful guest stars such as Alec Baldwin, Carol Burnett, Ellie Kemper and Tony and Emmy award winning performer Dave Hyde Pierce.  Also included on the soundtrack is the original score composed by Ryan Shore (PRIME, The Girl Next Door)

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Netflix Stream TeamI've often said that "we're living in a Golden Age of television for kids and family" audiences, and that sentiment is one that bears repeating. Changes in culture and viewing habits have forced change among content creators, and competition has been a great thing for audiences as the quality and diversity of programming has really seen a huge uptick over the past few years. For Netflix in particular, the focus on kids and family has been a big one, and their partnerships have spawned some incredible things - from educational and entertaining, to adventurous and action-packed... and sometimes, all of the above, there's something for every taste. Here's some Rock Father Picks for the Spring of 2017!

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Monday, March 17 2014 00:13

Review: SAVING MR. BANKS (Blu-ray)

The gestation of a film from paper to screen is often an interesting one, and in the case of any work that's "Based on a True Story," the parallels between reality and creative liberty can become the subject of scrutiny. In the case of a film like SAVING MR. BANKS, things are even more open to discussion and dissection, as the source material is the result of research and point-of-view from several angles, made even more challenging by the fact that many of the subjects are no longer around to offer their input. The result is a delightful and fascinating (if not entirely accurate) film that focuses on one period within the legendary career of Walt Disney - the end of his twenty-year pursuit of author P.L. Travers in hopes of bringing her character, MARY POPPINS, to the big screen. Out this week on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD, the folks at Walt Disney Studios sent a copy here for review, and now I'm throwing down some virtual ink on it.

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