Nearly $200,000 worth of musical gear and touring equipment has been stolen from a warehouse space shared by STATIC-X and DOPE.

The bands, which are currently on touring hiatus due to the spread of coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department, which advised the bands to take the story public in hopes of raising awareness and potentially gaining leads on the whereabouts of the stolen gear.

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Los Angeles' THE AUGMENTS PROJECT have just released a video for the title track of their debut EP, AWAKEN (available on Bandcamp). "The track 'Awaken' was the first song we all wrote together, so it holds special weight for us all. The ideology of the band is for us all to shine in our skill sets, and I think that happened," states frontman Jimmy Trigger. "The result: something fresh & new but hinting that old skool influence. 'Awaken' is an aggressive song that got me to delve into emotions that I haven't visited in quite a while -- dealing with the turmoil of life and doing our best to succeed regardless." Check it out below.

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Saturday, November 01 2014 22:21

R.I.P. WAYNE STATIC of STATIC-X (1965-2014)

Well this is unexpected and sad. WAYNE STATIC has died. My friend Tom George (with whom I've been doing a fitness challenge) has been handling Wayne's PR via FiXT Publicity, and issued the following statement:

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"Tracy already had a son, Armand, who was 15, and we had planned to have a child," explains Tom George, recalling the moment when he discovered that he'd soon become a father for the first time. "She hadn’t been feeling well and took a pregnancy test. When she told me I was extremely happy," he continues, sharing some thoughts on Fatherhood ahead of Rock Father's Day 2014. A work-at-home Dad and fellow "Rock Father," Tom runs the rapidly-growing FiXT Publicity, and has been featured almost weekly here on THE ROCK FATHER, taking part in the 2014 Fitness Challenge

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DIRGE WITHIN have had an interesting, yet tumultuous year. Following a lineup shift early-on that found them recording their new album, THERE WILL BE BLOOD with a new guitarist (Chuck Wepfer) and fill-in bassist (Jeff Paulick of LAZARUS A.D.), the album saw release on Rocket Science Ventures (get it on iTunes) accompanied by a lyric video for the track "For My Enemies." That lyric video was cut by yours truly, right here at Rock Father HQ in-between trips to the park and parent-tot playtime.

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