This Friday, Cleopatra Records will issue Trax! Rarities, a double-LP collection of early rare tracks and alternate versions from Wax Trax!-era Ministry, as well as several previously unreleased cuts from Al Jourgensen-related side projects - Revolting Cocks, PTP, Pailhead and 1000 Homo DJs. Check out the cover art and tracklisting below. The limited-edition 2-LP set is being offered on clear vinyl through the Cleopatra Records Bandcamp store.

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I distinctly remember sitting back in my seat on a Chicago-to-L.A. flight back in April of 2009, watching ADIOS... PUTA MADRES, the DVD companion to MINISTRY's 2008 C U LaTOUR - what was supposed to be the band's swan song. But, if the years have taught us anything, it's never say "never" when it comes to the sonic activities of Uncle Al Jourgensen and the gang. After all, 2007's THE LAST SUCKER was MINISTRY's "final" album, until 2012's RELAPSE and 2013's FROM BEER TO ETERNITY arrived. So here I sit, just five years past viewing the DVD of MINISTRY's "final" tour, and having in my possession what is now being touted as the "final live MINISTRY release," LAST TANGLE IN PARIS - a 1 DVD/2 CD combo pack featuring video from the band's 2012 DeFiBriLaTour, and music from the 2006 and 2008 incarnations of the band.

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They've been playing it live for ages (going back at least 15 years), but this past Fall, LIMP BIZKIT unleashed a proper studio version of "Thieves" - their take on the iconic MINISTRY track. While it was available as a free download for a little bit, it doesn't appear to be available for sale anywhere just yet, but should be available on their forthcoming record, STAMPEDE OF THE DISCO ELEPHANTS. I'm featuring it today as my first Wednesday Cover of 2014. Check it out below...

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MINISTRY is a band that just will not die. In fact, I believe that as long as there is AL JOURGENSEN, there will be MINISTRY. Despite "final tours" and the occasional "final album," MINISTRY somehow manages to rise again, morphing into slightly different incarnations with new personnel and new music. On September 6, 13th Planet Records will release the 13th studio album from MINISTRY, when FROM BEER TO ETERNITY hits retail. But a new album isn't all that the band has cooking... a new DVD and a Jourgensen biography are also on-deck. Check out the full announcement below, right here on The Rock Father...

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Thursday, February 16 2012 23:32


Originally Published January 22, 2012 on Kik Axe Music.

It's been nearly four years since MINISTRY performed what were then touted as their ''final'' live shows. Always a skeptic when it comes to bands calling it a day, I was one of those with the mindset of ''they'll be back,'' and while I was disappointed to have missed their three-night run here in Chicago, it's 2012 and the opportunity has presented itself once more. Indeed, Al Jourgensen is back with a familiar band of ''experienced wingmen'' for what is undoubtedly one of the best MINISTRY offerings to come along in quite some time.

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