wackalbumOn their third full-length outing, Andy Samberg, Akiva Shaffer, and Jorma Taccone - collectively known as THE LONELY ISLAND - break out the jams for a rap album that's hardly wack, despite being called THE WACK ALBUM. As a follow-up to their previous albums, 2009's INCREDIBAD and 2011's TURTLENECK & CHAIN (both of which I own) THE WACK ALBUM is just as good (if not better in places) on a comedic front, but it opens up a weird situation in which THE LONELY ISLAND almost sounds too legit. While being a send-up of current hip-hop, THE WACK ALBUM is easily on-par production-wise with the best of who they're lovingly taking shots at, and the delivery is just so serious that you could picture these guys busting out some non-funny rhymes at some point in the near future.

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owenbenOn Friday June 28th Comedy Central will premiere the first one-hour comedy special from Owen Benjamin when Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts airs  Midnight ET/PT. In the new special recorded with a live audience at The Moody Theater in Austin, TX, Benjamin breaks out the musical jams by riffing on TIMBALAND, EDDIE VEDDER, BEETHOVEN, and more... on piano. He also covers talking his way out of speeding tickets, to avoiding arrest by the TSA, and even uncovering the solution to road rage. 

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I met Brian Posehn once. I went to see him at the late Zanies Comedy Club in Vernon Hills, Illinois, where I chatted with him briefly after the show and handed him a copy of a comic book that I'd written... and thought he might enjoy (being into metal and horror and all). Posehn is a funny guy... but he's also a Dad - a certified "Rock Father" in his own right - and now he's bringing life as a Heavy Metal Dad (speaking of which, you should enter this) into his act with THE FARTIST, a new stand-up special that made it's debut on Netflix earlier this year and comes to DVD and CD on June 25 via New Wave Dynamics.

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Comedian PETE HOLMES will debut his new comedy special, NICE TRY, THE DEVIL on Sunday May 12 at 11pm ET on Comedy Central. The following Tuesday, it hits CD/DVD/Digital in an extended and uncensored edition. NICE TRY, THE DEVIL finds Holmes contemplating the loneliness of making his bed, Ryan Gosling, the rapture and more. 

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kingofcomedyAfter a sold-out 30th Anniversary Screening that closed out the 12th Annual Tribeca Film Festival,  Martin Scorsese's 1983 film THE KING OF COMEDY has been released on Digital HD via iTunes for the very first time. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment just hit The Rock Father with notice of the release...

This is a Giveaway for Grownups. Oh, you weren't aware that I have a "For Grownups" section here on The Rock Father? Well, now you know. This is The Pop Culture  Website for Families that Rock... and that means the whole family... kids and grownups alike. I don't feature a lot of the grownups content here on the mainpage, but today I've got a giveaway from Comedy Central that's getting a little mainstream infiltration. DRUNK TEXTS TO MYSELF is the debut Comedy Album from TREVOR MOORE, better-known as one of The Whitest Kids U’ Know. The album features a lot of musical comedy (proper review forthcoming), but I have an extra copy to giveaway, so you now have a chance to own it...

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