For STAR WARS Day 2015, the crew over at TeeFury are pitting a Bounty Hunter against a brand-new Droid. It's a TwoFury with The Real Bounty Hunter (featuring Boba Fett) by jmlfreeman versus BeeBee-Ate (featuring THE FORCE AWAKENS loveable new droid, BB-8) by Captain Ribman. Both shirts are available for just 24 hours, and they start at just $11 a piece. Check 'em out below, and be sure to order yours exclusively at the TeeFury website...

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When people find out that I'm an at-home Dad, there's often an image that comes to mind that is not quite accurate, and is largely fueled by the "TV depiction" of stay-at-home and work-at-home Dads: A group of four or five guys standing around a park with outward-facing babies dangling from their chests. If this happens anywhere, I have not witnessed it, nor been a part of such a gathering in the past 4+ years of my career as a parent. When I have seen babies worn by other parents (and sometimes myself), the big question has always been "which way is the right way - inward or outward." It's been the subject of vigorous debate among parents, but the folks at Boba Family just might have the answer, and that answer is inward.

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