Gurnee Mills: A Simon CenterI keep saying it, but I still can't believe we have a kindergartner here this year. Essentially, if you've been reading THE ROCK FATHER for awhile, you've seen Addie growing up, and while last year we were shopping for Pre-K, this year it's officially time for Back-to-School in preparation for "big girl" school - kindergarten. Gurnee Mills here in Lake County has always been a regular haunt for us, and this year we've teamed-up to show off some of the great fashions and supplies available at the largest value and outlet destination in Illinois (which is in the midst of a remodel and now boasts a fantastic "full-price" wing), by sharing our own Back-to-School shopping experience. This past week, my wife and I took the two girls (Little Finn is in on the action, too) to get decked out for Fall...

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Another week, another outrage. Parents love to get all bent out of shape about marketing these days, but sometimes the subject of the anger is just so ridiculous that any point in arguing becomes mute. Prime example: SKECHERS' recent line of "Daddy's Money" (styled as "Daddy'$ Money" with a Ke$ha-like "$") shoes. Mom Bloggers, Dad Bloggers, "Journalists" and pretty much anyone with keyboard full of virtual ink seems to be taking shots at the Skechers campaign this week, with many wondering "What kind of message" is being taught to girls about these colorful kicks with a "hidden" high heel inside.

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Thursday, September 13 2012 16:46

Giveaway: Twinkle Toes CD and DVD Gift Pack!

Skechers and In the Zone Entertainment recently released TWINKLE TOES, a "sparkly, fun-filled" new movie and soundtrack aimed at making girls "want to get up and dance!" To celebrate the release, ITZ has provided The Rock Father with a Twinkle Toes Gift Pack that includes the movie on DVD, the soundtrack on CD, a bracelet, and a gift bag!

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