The rumors were true! Following the clues and hints dropped over the past month, along with some trademark filings by Six Flags, the new roller coaster headed for Six Flags Great America is Maxx Force! Announced today, the triple record-breaking new coaster will open at the park in Gurnee, Illinois for the 2019 season. Maxx Force will be the fastest launch coaster in North America, and feature the fastest inversion and highest double inversion of any roller coaster in the world. Check out all of the details and specs below!

Published in Chicagoland

Step2 Brand AmbassadorFunny thing is that we live just minutes away from Six Flags Great America here in Illinois, and I have yet to take the girls. We see the roller coasters towering over the horizon on a daily basis, and my little ones keep asking when they can ride those mighty creations. My answer is always "someday, when you're older." While they are the right age for the kiddie areas of the park, those coasters are a little way's off, but this year The Rock Daughters are going to have something very special - their own coaster, right here in our own backyard. Yes, the Step2 Extreme Coaster has become legendary over these past few years, but even as a Step2 Brand Ambassador (on the payroll, disclosure and all), I'd held off on getting one - largely due to it's coloring. Well, that's all changed, as Step2 has re-issued the Extreme Coaster in an all-new color scheme and graphics package for 2015. We now have one, but there's a slight problem... we have over two feet of snow on the ground right now...