Songs for Kids FoundationIf you turn on the news, it's become unbearable to see the terrible stories involving kids that tend to get all of the press. Over the past year, though... I've been hit with some pretty good ones - positive and inspiring stories about people doing good for the little ones in the world - stories that don't get as much coverage as they should. You've got SINGING OUR WAY THROUGH: SONGS FOR THE WORLD'S BRAVEST KIDS by Alastair Moock & Friends, the work that Brady Rymer does for kids with Autism, and of course, the 10th Annual St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign - and those are just a few. Today, something popped up on my radar here at Rock Father HQ that I wasn't familiar with, but had to share immediately: SONGS FOR KIDS. Watch the video below and keep reading...

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