In Dallas, Texas, there's a special place called THE SOUND FOUNDATION - a music school that helps prepare young students for all facets of the music business. Run by Norman Matthew Pangle, whose band, MURDER FM, I first wrote about several years ago while working for another publication, The Sound Foundation covers everything from artist development to recording instruction. Norman is a fellow "Rock Father," and much as becoming a parent changed and re-shaped my own life, the birth of Norman's son did the same for him - really placing a focus on giving back, and The Sound Foundation has become that outlet. Over the past few years, people have taken notice of Norman's work with The Sound Foundation, and this past January he was featured in FORD Tough's GOOD WORKS. Check out the video below...

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Made to Matter: Handpicked by TargetTHE ROCK FATHER has partnered with Life of Dad and KIND Snacks for this promotion. Why? Because he likes to work with people that rock, and they both do.

While our family has things pretty good, one thing we tend to lack on is outdoor adventure time as a complete unit of four. Scheduling is the main issue, between my wife's career and my work (which has changed a bit to where I'm a work-at-home-dad about 80% of the time), the The Rock Daughters™' school and now summer activities. There is always something going on, and while we have a pretty great life, there's a lot of adventures that tend to take place as a unit of three - with my wife and I flip-flopping the "parent at the helm" duties. The biggest challenge of every adventure is simply getting all four of us together at once and without something that "has to be done." That's why I was thrilled to partner with Life of Dad and KIND Snacks on their #KINDMilesMatter campaign - an effort to spend some family time logging some miles on foot, with the folks at KIND donating a box of snacks per mile for an organization of our choosing. Thing is, even here my schedule jammed me up. We were supposed to log miles between June 20 and July 6, and guess what? I was traveling for work for the entire first week of that (a rarity to be gone so long in one run), but it had to be done. 

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THE ROCK FATHER is participating in The Every day, care™ Project from Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored campaign for Socialstars. #EveryDayCare

I think it was last year that I said it (being nearly six years into parenting, things blur together), but I’d referred to the mid-year months as our “first true summer break.” Thing is, it’s not really a “break” at all. Gone are the true three-month runs of warm weather adventure that my wife and I knew as children - the ones filled with days that seemed to last forever. My first “back-to-school” pitches were hitting my office before June 1st, and the reality of the matter is that with kindergarten ending in June and the kids back at it in August, the summer is a blip, and a busy one at that.

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DynacraftNow this is cool. A lot of you know how big both movies and rides (cars/bicycles/powered ride-ons/scooters/etc) are here at Rock Father HQ, and when you combine the two into a fun night outside for families, I'm totally on-board with that. Last weekend, the folks at Dynacraft launched their Experiments in Fun series with a "Ride-in Theater" in Atlanta's Piedmont Park. They transformed the park into a car-less drive-in theater, complete with a 40-foot screen, where families could try out the latest bikes, scooters and ride-ons - the first part of a movement to invite families to "rethink what's possible with their favorite wheels." Take a peek at the highlight video below...

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On May 16, the folks from KIND and zulily will partner for Kindness Safaris to be held at 20 Zoos across the country. For friends in my home City of Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo will be the center of the action from 10am-5pm, where families can take part in the safari, and kids can discover how being kind through simple acts can be fun, and really brighten the world around us. It's all part of the ongoing Kind Parents, Kind Kids program, which uses fun family activities to teach kids the importance of kindness year-round.

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THE ROCK FATHER is participating in The Every day, care™ Project from Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored campaign for Socialstars.#EveryDayCare

Funny thing happened when I looked at a school calendar on the fridge earlier this month while the whole family was gathered around the table for dinner… I realized that we have an official “Spring Break” now. While Spring Break has always been there, it’s a new thing for us since Addie is in kindergarten. This is the first year of “big girl school,” so it seemed like the concept just crept up on me with no real fanfare. Since I work from home and still have Little Finn here as well, I think we should celebrate by doing something… I’m just not sure what.

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