The commercials have become inescapable: BATTLESHIP is now a major motion picture. Arriving in theaters this Friday, May 18th - I have no desire to see it. As a director, PETER BERG is responsible for a bunch of movies that I don't care for, and unless it's revealed to be some surprisingly excellent movie that just can't be missed, I'll be passing on it forever. You see, the BATTLESHIP that I'm fond of was one of the many versions of a classic Milton Bradley Board Game that originated in the 1940s as a pencil-and-paper affair. ELECTRONIC BATTLESHIP was a fixture of my youth, and from what I can tell - my version was the 1982 release - essentially the 1977 game in revised packaging.

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''Crash is kidnapped by a villain who's half-man, half-ant! That's bad enough -- but ManAnt also has evil plans to grow a whole army of giant ants!'' reads the official description for the series premiere of THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! which aired the past Saturday on The Hub. Yes, the long-awaited (by people like me) Aquabats! show has arrived - but how is it?

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Posted February 10, 2012:

As I'm sure you're already aware, STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE is back in theaters as of today, newly ''enhanced'' with 3D. Unlike many of my peers, I don't hate the movie - nor do I hate George Lucas for continuing to tweak his universe. Instead, I just choose how I will enjoy it on a case-by-case basis. Despite all the changes over the years, nothing can take away the memories I have from experiencing it the first time around. That said, I haven't rushed out to see the first prequel in it's dimensionally-expanded form. I'm more surprised to realize that it's 13 years old already.

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hitLogoMy daughter loves most of the shows put out by UK-based HIT Entertainment, and currently aired here in the U.S. on SPROUT. There's FIREMAN SAM, BOB THE BUILDER, ANGELINA BALLERINA, BARNEY, and the big-money machine - THOMAS & FRIENDS. Today comes news that toymaker MATTEL has purchased HIT Entertainment for $680M (less than it was going for) rescuing the company from a vast amount of debt (and probably mis-management).

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