perrixmasCHRISTINA PERRI recently released A VERY MERRY PERRI CHRISTMAS, a six-song collection of new holiday recordings for 2012. "Let it Snow" is a holiday classic that doesn't appear on the new EP, but Christina recently performed the song in The Live Room for The Warner Sound. Recorded at The Fortress in Los Angeles, you can check out "Let it Snow" along with a bonus performance of her hit "A Thousand Years" below...

This is one of those that was a toss-up as to where to file it here on The Rock Father... not really "music for kids," but not just "for grownups" either. Since it's more of a track for rockin' families in general, I'm just putting the new video from the DROPKICK MURPHYS here in my blog. In fact, I think that going forward, any holiday music that's not specifically kid-centric will go in my blog instead of "news." You could say it's some "Housekeeping" in a way. In terms of the holidays, "The Season's Upon Us," and that just so happens to be the name of the DROPKICK MURPHYS' new single and video. Check it out!

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There's been a situation brewing for the past few months that finally came to a head today. It could be looked at in a variety of ways, flipped and spun to accentuate the positive or the negative - or looked at from a multitude of sides - children... parents... figures of authority. Quite simply, my daughter has her first nemesis - an enemy of the smallest form - but only at times, and it's a situation that could've been defused a lot earlier if the adults involved were better communicators, and less combative. The first step? Admitting openly that your child is no angel. Mine certainly isn't, and I have no problem telling you that outright.

As The Rock Father continues to grow, I've been getting a few opportunities to contribute some virtual ink on some other fine sites around the 'net. This week, I've got a guest blog up in The Play Forum over at Time to Play Magazine. A leading destination for toy reviews and other fun stuff for Children, New York-based Time to Play invited me to join the ranks of their guest bloggers, and I was quite excited to do so.

It was nearly 24 hours ago that Barack Obama was declared the winner in yesterday's Presidential Election, thus securing his position as the 44th President of The United States for four more years. Aside from a tweet and a Facebook status update, I didn't post anything regarding the election, because let's face it - posting about the election on election day is just adding to a sea of words that are likely to be lost in the shuffle. My children did take part in the voting process, but I've waited until now to share it here. For my 3-year-old, Addie, her opinion of the democratic process has now been shaped by a boy named Daniel Tiger.

Until this week, I had no idea that over 190 million children under the age of five suffer from Vitamin A deficiency. A crucial vitamin for eyesight (the development of the retina, in particular), a year's supply of Vitamin A can be provided for a child for only .25, and that's just what Vitamin Angels aims to do. Now, the folks over at vitaminwater have pledged to donate .25 for each view (up to one million!) given to each of three YouTube videos. All you have to do is watch them.

I turned 36 last week, and while many people would say "that isn't really old," I sure feel old when I think about how much Trick or Treating has changed over the past 30 years or so. Raising a pair of daughters in 2012 and beyond, gone is much of the spooky fun that was experienced as a child growing up in the 80s.

As the father of a newborn, I've recently been reminded of a pet peeve that I haven't really thought much of since getting past the pacifier stage with our first daughter a few years back. Actually, I might've mentioned it in passing here on The Rock Father once before, but in recent weeks this little annoyance has become an irritation with increasing regularity. I'm talking about parents (or others - at the store, at the playgroup, etc.) that refer to any child's pacifier as a "Binky" by default. The reason? Most of the time, they're sorely mistaken.

Today's installment of 31 Days of Halloween is an interesting one because the subject of my Day 26 post coincidentally followed @therockfather on twitter yesterday. Who is this mysterious outfit that evidentally either read my mind or somehow took a peek at my article notes for the month? Vintage Beistle.

By now, I'd imagine that you've all seen the commercials: the poorly-acted/over-acted ones in which a group of parents sit gathered around a literal "round" table discussing the benefits of the Gerber Life College Plan. "It's a life insurance policy, too," states one of the actors as another chimes in "Oh, that's different." In reality, it's a clever money-making plan for the Gerber Life Insurance Company. Same goes for their Gerber Grow-Up Plan.

Open since 1912, Didier Farms is a sizable greenhouse and farmstand located at 16678 W. Aptakisic Rd. on the border of Prarie View and Lincolnshire, Illinois - about 30 miles north of Chicago. When Fall rolls around, their annual "Pumpkinfest" goes into full-effect as the entire property is transformed into an Autumn Wonderland. While there's plenty of "pumpkin patches" in the Chicago area (and we love many of them), the large array of activities and sights is what puts Didier Farms among those in the top tier.

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