I need to preface this by stating that if you're a regular reader of The Rock Father, this entry is not for you. It has nothing to do with the regular content of this website at all. What this is, is a very specific and necessary warning aimed at those considering doing business with The Sanctuary of Lake Villa, Buschman Residential Management, LLC, or with Gary Buschman of Buschman Homes/Interior Craft of Gurnee, Illinois. Before you make a decision, I urge you to consider my experience, and the experiences of those who have walked this path before you. It's a warning that I wish someone would've provided me back in 2007.

Last year, I celebrated one-year tobacco-free with a blog about my personal journey. Today, for the two-year anniversary of coming clean (cigarettes are a drug), I am re-posting that blog here on The Rock Father along with a few alterations and timely updates - particularly that Marlboro (under the Philip Morris or Altria name) is still harassing me...

March 14, 2011 is the day that I officially quit smoking. At some point on the night of March 13, I quietly took the last puff of the last cigarette in the last pack that I ever owned. Upon telling my wife that I was officially ''done,'' she took it upon herself to clean-up some of the ''smoker's mess'' that I'd created. The ashtrays of both cars were scoured. The sand-filled flowerpots that I'd strategically placed on my front porch and near my gardening shed were disposed of, along with a ton of stray butts that had made their way into the surrounding landscape over the winter months. The cleansing had begun.

Wednesday, March 13 2013 11:34

Watch: THE FATHERHOOD (Fiat 500L 12" Remix)

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Back in December, the folks at Fiat UK scored a viral hit with THE MOTHERHOOD, a rap song dedicated to all the Moms (or "Mums") out there who "live large." It was only a matter of time before the Dads got some props, and last week Fiat UK hit The Rock Father with details on a new clip that was in the pipeline. Today, THE FATHERHOOD arrives - a four-minute ode to new Dads, presented in a throwback to 1980s New Romanticism complete with a Human League-esque melody... a Don Johnson-style MIAMI VICE jacket... floating dream sequences... and a Unicorn. Watch it below...

There was this issue about a week and a half ago... you might've heard about it here on The Rock Father, or on The Good Men Project... or on The Huffington Post... or even from Willie Geist over at The Today Show. It was a problem with a tweet, and if it hadn't been for The Onion having a twitter problem of their own just a few days prior, the folks at PLAYSKOOL might've found themselves the "bigger" twitter scandal of the week. But as I said before, it really wasn't that big a deal.

You just never know what a child will gravitate toward. Despite having countless toys of her own, at some point within the past year, Adalyn grew fond of a plush bear by the name of Poopsie. Created in 2001 by Ty Inc. and released as both a Beanie Baby and Beanie Buddy, Poopsie is essentially A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, crafted to appear similar in shape to "Classic Pooh," but in a color scheme closer to Disney's more mainstream version. I bought Poopsie for my wife long before we ever considered having kids.

Note: An updated version of this post was published on The Good Men Project on 3/6/2013. This blog has been amended to reflect those slight changes.

On Monday, I found myself front-and-center in a Huffington Post story about an "offensive" (their word - not mine) tweet that came from the Playskool twitter account last Friday. While the tweet in question certainly didn't "offend" me, I found it to be curious and out-of-character coming from a public mouthpiece of a brand beloved by children and parents alike for generations. The public lashing that has followed deserves a little clarity to prevent it from becoming more overblown than it's already become.

Thursday, February 28 2013 22:26

Parenting Books are all wrong. PORTLANDIA proves it.

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Parenting books are big business. There's plenty of suckers out there, and as long as they keep buying, there will be plenty of "experts" masquerading as "authors" to sell a few books before the print industry fully collapses. I mean, by now you should all know that there's only one right way to raise your children, and that's The Rock Father way.

Another week, another outrage. Parents love to get all bent out of shape about marketing these days, but sometimes the subject of the anger is just so ridiculous that any point in arguing becomes mute. Prime example: SKECHERS' recent line of "Daddy's Money" (styled as "Daddy'$ Money" with a Ke$ha-like "$") shoes. Mom Bloggers, Dad Bloggers, "Journalists" and pretty much anyone with keyboard full of virtual ink seems to be taking shots at the Skechers campaign this week, with many wondering "What kind of message" is being taught to girls about these colorful kicks with a "hidden" high heel inside.

Saturday, February 23 2013 00:51

Caillou Rocks, so stop the hate. #CaillouRocks

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Posted 2/23/2013, updated 6/29/2016

If you've followed The Rock Father from the beginning, you already know that Caillou is a big fixture here at Rock Father HQ (see Addie's 3rd Birthday). Truth be told, I wasn't familiar with the little bald Canadian before 2009 when my first daughter was born. I'd imagine that's also the case for many parents, as what childless adult is actually watching PBS Kids or Sprout (unless they also own a plain white van)? Yes, this little boy - eternally four years old - is much like another little baldy from when I was a kid, Charlie Brown. But that Caillou? In addition to being Addie's first love, he's a really divisive little s.o.b., and for that he demands respect.

uverseFINAL UPDATE: As of August 2013, I have switched to Xfinity by Comcast.

MORE UPDATES FOLLOW ORIGINAL POST: If you're an AT&T U-Verse Subscriber that happens to enjoy watching videos on YouTube, you might've noticed something irritating over the past few days: The two services don't seem to like each other anymore. Thousands of users (myself included) began experiencing service issues at roughly the same time on Saturday, February 15. I'm all for a good nostalgia trip, but a reminder of it was like trying to stream video to RealPlayer via a dial-up AOL connection is not my idea of a good time.

"Hipsters and Movember killed The Mustache Movement." I tweeted that statement on January 12, 2013 after seeing yet another baby product cross my path emblazoned with a mustache (or "moustache" for the extra-hip folk). I'm tired of seeing mustaches added to random crap, especially baby products. It's not funny or cute. 

Monday, February 18 2013 18:54

Stop Doing This: Family Portrait in a Yard...

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From February 18, 2013. Pictured Above: Stock Photo Courtesy Google Image Search (and dozens of sites)...

There's a terrible problem afoot. As a "Dad Blogger" (or "Daddy Blogger," "Parent Blogger," whatever) I run across a lot of fellow parents through the usual social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  In making connections with these other folks who've chosen to display the fruit of their reproductive activities, I've been saddened  to learn that many of them - some of them great people - have been hit with one of our generation's greatest tragedies: The Family Portrait in a Yard.

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