My little ones were literally watching SUPER WHY! on Sprout when a headline from Zooglobble popped into my feed on Facebook alerting me to this little nugget: Razor & Tie are offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of "You've Got The Power," a re-worked version of the song from the hit PBS Kids series. It comes from the touring Super Why! Live show, and will be featured on the official soundtrack, SUPER WHY! YOU'VE GOT THE POWER when it's released this October. Grab the download via the widget below.

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You see that headline above? Yes, it's intentionally meant to look exciting - because it is. My daughter LOVES 'Chica' from THE SUNNY SIDE UP SHOW on Sprout, and while this 'news' is technically a month old, it's new to me, so I'm sharing it here on The Rock Father. THE CHICA SHOW is coming this November.

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I've always wanted to go to SESAME PLACE, a quest that likely began in the early 1980's when the OAK RIDGE BOYS released a music video that was filmed in the now-defunct location in Irving, Texas. On June 2-3, 2012 - The SESAME PLACE in Langhorne, PA will be hosting a ''Sprout Weekend with Chica and Super Why,'' and if my second daughter wasn't due less than two weeks from those dates, we might've seriously considered the trek. My daughter absolutley loves Chica from Sprout's SUNNY SIDE UP SHOW, and SESAME STREET and SUPER WHY are both on the daily viewing schedule here at Rock Father HQ.

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Update at the bottom of the post - 1/6/2012

If you've been reading this site for a bit, then you already know that Caillou and friends are a fixture here inThe Rock Father™ house - something that I also noted in my recent review of Famosa ToysCaillou Treehouse. For those wondering the fate of the infamous toy, we still have it, though it continues breaking down piece by piece in under a month of play. I had my Dad send me the Toys R Us receipt in case we decided to return it, but we just can't bear to take it away from the little one. Junk or not, she loves it. But now we have another problem, this time with the Caillou ''Classic'' 14.5 inch doll. Who made this one? Famosa Toys, of course. For whatever reason, the Spanish toymaker just can't seem to get their Caillou products right.

If you've been following along here, then you may already know that CAILLOU has been somewhat of an obsession for my daughter since she was only a few months old. Now, at 28 months - the little one is fully immersed in all-things-Caillou, so she's been getting some of the toys here and there, and loves to have the little guy hanging around as she follows his adventures on Sprout and PBS Kids. Having just come from an early Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa in Michigan, it pains me to have to share with you this review of the new Caillou Tree House by Spain's Famosa Toys. Knowing that a lot of kids are going to be asking for or getting one of these very soon, there's some things you need to watch out for.

hitLogoMy daughter loves most of the shows put out by UK-based HIT Entertainment, and currently aired here in the U.S. on SPROUT. There's FIREMAN SAM, BOB THE BUILDER, ANGELINA BALLERINA, BARNEY, and the big-money machine - THOMAS & FRIENDS. Today comes news that toymaker MATTEL has purchased HIT Entertainment for $680M (less than it was going for) rescuing the company from a vast amount of debt (and probably mis-management).

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