Sunday, February 17 2013 13:46

PAJANIMALS LIVE! TOUR has been canceled...

Well, this is disappointing. The previously-announced 50-City PAJANIMALS LIVE! PAJAMA PLAYDATE Tour (which I covered here on The Rock Father back in November) has been canceled. CID Entertainment (producers of the tour) have issued the following statement...

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Saturday, January 05 2013 20:11

New Game: Is it a "TRAIN song or MOMMY BLOG?"

I'm not familiar with this guy Billy Eichner and his series, BILLY ON THE STREET... but tonight he caught my attention. Funny or Die has posted a clip in which Billy tosses out a phrase and posits the question: "Is it the name of a TRAIN song, or the name of a popular Mommy Blog?" I can't say that I'm a big fan of TRAIN, but since frontman Patrick Monahan voices Driver Dan on the U.S. airings of DRIVER DAN'S STORY TRAIN on Sprout, I've heard him quite a bit. You can check out the video below, which is funnier in concept than execution.

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My daughters love PAJANIMALS. In fact, they're a part of Addie's nightly bedtime ritual, as we wind down by watching an episode, then follow it with their "La-La-Lullaby" song that we have on the DVR courtesy of Sprout. Now, the Jim Henson Company has announced that the cuddly characters are packing their bags and hitting the road for PAJANIMALS LIVE: PAJAMA PLAYDATE - a new, live musical production set to visit 50 cities in 2013. One of the dates happens to be just 15 minutes from Rock Father HQ, so it looks like we'll be checking this out! Full tour dates and details below...

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Here at Rock Father HQ, we really dig the assortment of toys offered by Ty's Toy Box. They're the go-to source for hard-to-find items from a lot of PBS KIDS shows like Caillou, Wild Kratts, Super Why!, Sesame Street and more - and then they've got the official shops for Yo Gabba Gabba! and The Wiggles, too! Well, the folks at Ty's Toy Box just got in touch with The Rock Father with a Holiday Coupon Code offering 15% Off your order, along with the full list of their Top 10 Best Sellers for 2012. What are the kids into this year? Check it out...

With Caillou being my oldest daughter's favorite television show, the holiday episodes are always looked forward to. We have a few on DVD, though for some reason the available episodes of the series are sporadic and often duplicated between DVD volumes. In the meantime, many episodes are seemingly unavailable, and that means that several Halloween installments are AWOL unless you happen to catch them on PBS Kids or on Sprout. While I imagine those channels will start airing some Halloween Caillou goodness in the days ahead, there are some great options to enjoy at all times. 

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PBS Kids' Sprout is hands-down, the #1 network for regular viewing here in The Rock Father household. My three-year-old demands it, and if Caillou and Sesame Street weren't enough, The Goodnight Show and The Sunny Side Up Show bookend the day with programming goodness. As for the latter, Chica is the star attraction, and this Fall she's getting her own show. As a tease, Sprout has released a parody of NBC's THE VOICE in which Chica and friends face some tough judges. Get ready for THE SQUEAK...

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