PBS KIDS VIPCan you believe that Back-to-School Season is already here? In just about a month, I'll officially have a kindergartener, and that sorta weirds me out. Five years of parenting already? Alas, my friends at PBS Distribution have scored a coup, partnering with Walmart for their “BACK TO SCHOOL PRESCHOOL PROMOTION,” – designed to entertain children during the summer months when school’s out, but prep them for what lies ahead. Parents can find specially marked (and priced) educational, episodic DVDs from CAILLOU, WORDGIRL, ARTHUR and DANIEL TIGER, each covering the major learning categories taught throughout the academic year such as social skills, reading, math, and science. Here's what you can look for...

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PBS KIDSOn July 15, PBS Distribution will release a pair of new DVD collections from two of PBS KIDS' biggest hits - CAILLOU and DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD. Pre-orders for both have gone live, and I've got the full details on FUN AND GAMES WITH CAILLOU and DANIEL TRIES SOMETHING NEW, below - right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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PBS KIDS VIPSpring is finally here, and as the thunder rolls (remind you of Garth Brooks?) here at Rock Father HQ this morning, I just keep thinking of the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers." While we eagerly await the arrival of sunny days and some much-needed time in our garden, there's a couple of new DVDs that have been helping get the Spring vibe going with my little ones. CAILLOU'S GARDEN ADVENTURES (review here) and WILD KRATTS: BUGGING OUT, each bring nearly an hour of educational fun to families, with new collections of the PBS KIDS hit series'. Better yet, PBS Distribution and THE ROCK FATHER are getting five (5) lucky readers hooked up with a prize pack that includes both of these new collections!

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Tuesday, February 25 2014 21:23


Whenever I write about Caillou here on THE ROCK FATHER, I usually tend to include a little preface - a wee bit of background, if you will - about how loved the divisive little four-year-old is here at Rock Father HQ. You see, what usually happens is that a Caillou post lures out of the woodwork these... people - people that like to complain about the little guy for no better reason other than complaining. They're sorta like a clique -  one comprised largely of the uninformed that's never actually watched and absorbed the show. They just say "He's whiny" (in a pretty whiny voice themselves), and then they scurry back into whatever hole they crawled out of (and then I delete their comments). Yes, this is a pro-Caillou household, and for those of you unfamiliar, that little "E/I" big in the corner? That means "educational and informational," and not any show can get it. It's a badge of honor bestowed upon certain shows by the FCC - and CAILLOU has it. My reason for the rundown today? CAILLOU'S GARDEN ADVENTURES just hit DVD via my friends at PBS KIDS and DHX Media. 

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The Rock Father is a 2014 PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent) BloggerCaillou is a hero here at Rock Father HQ, my oldest daughter's first love... something that's been well-documented here on the site. There's a ton of educational value in the popular series (which airs on both PBS KIDS and Sprout here in the U.S.), and one of the biggest areas that's really hit home for us is the emphasis on Gardening. In fact, there's been an entire series of Caillou Ecology Club products, and last year, I featured one of our own adventures when I posted an entry called "Learning to Compost... Just Like Caillou." Now, just in-time for Spring, PBS Distribution is releasing a new DVD collection, CAILLOU'S GARDEN ADVENTURES, which will hit stores on February 25. Featuring six garden-themed episodes, kids and grownups can learn about water conservation, flowers, planting, and yes, even composting. Check out the details below!

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PBS KIDSThis week, everyone's favorite little four-year-old gets a new App from PBS KIDS with the release of Caillou Let's Pretend for iOS. The new App is geared toward helping kids ages 2-5 learn through Caillou's social-emotional curriculum, building skills such as observation, listening, persistence, reasoning, and imagination. Check out the specs below...

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