HOLIDAY WISH GUIDE™ Submissions for The Rock Father:

Preparation for the 2018 HOLIDAY WISH GUIDE™ (Gift Guide) is already under way! Do you represent something that readers of THE ROCK FATHER™ should know about? If so, The Rock Father™ wants to hear from you. Much like the paper catalogs of old, the annual Holiday Wish Guide™ has become a digital tradition the features items that kids and families wish that they had. While the focus is on toys, additional features based on kids, family and grownup items will be published October-December, 2018. In past years, Holiday Wish Guide™ features have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers from the U.S. and around the globe.

Submissions for the 2018 ROCK FATHER HOLIDAY WISH GUIDE should be in by September 15, 2018.

Due to demand, late submissions will still be considered this year.

Send Pitches to: james [at] therockfather.com

Submission Fee $50 per toy. Due to the labor-intensive nature and cost involved in putting together the annual Holiday Wish Guide™, a submission fee is required for consideration. It is important to not that this does not guarantee inclusion.

A Variety of additional placement options are available for 2018 Fees for sponsored advertorials and home page/run of site features are negotiated on a client-by-client basis.

When Submitting Material for Review: Please keep in mind that due to the volume of items received, coverage is not guaranteed. Items will be accepted into the Holiday Wish Guide™ at The Rock Father's sole discretion. This is entirely subjective and comes down to the decision of James Zahn.