Get ready for a PJ MASKS Halloween!

"It had been a night not unlike any other... a band of brave heroes, heading out into the darkness ready to face off against fiendish villains to stop them from messing with your day. Indeed, while millions enjoyed a night full of restful sleep, three children would once again be responsible for saving the day... proving definitively that night time is the right time to fight crime. Amaya becomes Owlette... Connor becomes Catboy... and Greg becomes Gekko... the colorful trio known as the PJ MASKS hitting the streets in search of adventure, while serving-up swift justice to wrongdoers. After leaving HQ and discovering that Night Ninja had gone missing, the PJ Masks would soon find that their biggest foe, that marvel of mechanical mischief, Romeo, had completed his most impressive creation yet, the Growy Uppy Machine - a tool able to turn any child into an adult for a small bit of time. Slowed by Luna Girl's sinister Moths, Gekko and Catboy had their hands full, leaving Owlette to face Romeo alone, after he had tested the Growy Uppy Machine... on himself!"

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PJ MASKSLast week, I was back in New York City for the unveiling of The Toy Insider's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide - a collection of 2016's hottest toys, as chosen by the editors of The Toy Insider. What's different this year is that there's a "Rock Father Pick" in the mix - one that I've chosen as a newly-minted member of The Toy Insider Parent Panel. Of the nearly 200 toys featured this year, each member of the panel was tasked with choosing their "Top Pick" (see them all here), and for me the decision was an easy one: The PJ MASKS Headquarters Playset by Just Play. Hitting stores this Fall as part of a Toys "R" Us Exclusive collection of PJ MASKS toys, I'll be going in-depth on the Headquarters right here in the virtual pages of THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine very soon, but for now here's a sneak-preview of the PJ MASKS line as the Holiday Shopping Season officially gets underway!

PJ MasksIt's time to be a hero! If your little ones are fans of PJ Masks (airing daily on Disney Junior here in the 'States), chances are you know that phrase well - kids by day, superheroes by night! For the past year, kids have been enjoying the adventures of Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, and this Fall they can really start to live the adventures in an all-new assortment of officially-licensed apparel and accessories that's just arrived in time for Back-to-School. Fashions for boys and girls, including hoodies, t-shirts, pajamas, backpacks, lunch kits and more have arrived at Kohl'sTarget and Toys "R" Us.

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PJ Masks Brand AmbassadorLast Fall, one of the most from-out-of-nowhere phenomenons in children's entertainment hit the scene - the story of a trio of friends, who by day are just kids, but transform into costumed heroes that swoop into action by night, solving the mysteries of the daytime, and keeping their city safe. Premiering on Disney Junior in the U.S. in September, PJ MASKS was an immediate hit, prompting the 'web to ignite with parents seeking PJ MASKS costumes by Halloween, and by the Holidays, toys. Unfortunately, much like STAR WARS back in 1977, the infrastructure wasn't there to meet the demand right away - but for the Fall of 2016, that's changed. Catboy, Owlette and Gekko have a new ally in their quest to reach families and spread the fun - to put on the pajamas and hit the streets at night "filled with curiosity and a sense of justice." Well, maybe not the streets, but through imagination, big adventure can happen at home, and that new ally is yours truly: THE ROCK FATHER is now an Official PJ MASKS Ambassador! For the next year, THE ROCK FATHER Magazine will be your source for all the latest from the world of PJ MASKS, with episode previews, news and features - including special events and the long-awaited action figures, vehicles and playsets from the folks at Just Play Toys! 

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