The Rock Father is a 2014 Step2 Brand AmbassadorDo you love Step2? We at Rock Father HQ sure do, and with that, The Rock Father is pleased to be participating in the We Love Step2 Giveaway, hosted by fellow Step2 Ambassadors Thrifty Nifty Mommy and Viva Veltoro. Together, we're giving YOU a chance to win ANY toy (up to a $150 value) from Step2.com! It's all to celebrate the annual spring release of some brand-new toys from Step2, many of which will make an appearance at the NYC Toy Fair next month. But why wait until then to see the goods? We've got your first-look right now!

Sunday, January 26 2014 19:19

Giveaway: Win THE GAME OF LIFE from Hasbro Gaming!

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Ah, THE GAME OF LIFE. As a kid in the 1980s, I remember playing the classic version of the game, building my "family" with those little pegs that represented people, and dreaming of what exactly I might be when I grew up. Well, I never necessarily "grew up," but I did become a "grownup," and since I now have real kids that aren't little plastic pegs, I have this site... so you could say that I've won at THE GAME OF LIFE. I also get some cool opportunities, and one of those is getting together with my friends at Hasbro to get one of YOU set-up with THE GAME OF LIFE to play with your family. Ready for a chance?

If my math is correct, next year will mark the 30th Anniversary of BARBIE AND THE ROCKERS, a line of fashion dolls released by Mattel in 1985 as a direct response to Hasbro's JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. "Who came first?" has always been something of debate and folklore over the years, but the general story is that when Mattel found out that Jem was on the way, all of a sudden, Barbie had a band. Growing up in the 1980s, we had both bands in our house, but I tend to remember The Rockers having the better toys at the time (though JEM had the awesome show). I, playing as "Derek," spent a lot of time jammin' out with my sister as we enjoyed her "Hot Rockin' Stage" playset. Turns out, my wife and her sister had one, too.  Long-gone like most of our now-prized childhood possessions, something interesting happened last month... when my oldest daughter found a brand-new Hot Rockin' Stage awaiting her under the Christmas tree. BARBIE AND THE ROCKERS hadn't just resurfaced in 2013, but were awaiting a "rebirth" of sorts right here at Rock Father HQ for 2014.

Thursday, January 16 2014 22:55

Review: The FUNNY OR DIE Game (Hasbro)

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Recommended for ages 13+, the FUNNY OR DIE game from Hasbro comes with a stern warning that it includes "images of extreme stunts that should not be recreated, mild nudity, and other content that might be offensive to some players." So, I did what any good "Rock Father" should, and proceeded to play it with a four-year-old... albeit in a slightly amended form. That's in addition to a few New Years rounds played "grownup-style," so I can give you a first-hand account of how it's meant to be played.

Wednesday, January 15 2014 21:26

Sprout brings CHICA'S ADVENTURE to iOS as an App...

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If you have a little Sproutlet at home, and you have an iOS device, then this one is for you! Chica, the popular star of The Sunny Side Up Show and The Chica Show on Sprout and NBC Kids has come to the iPad and iPhone in an App version of the CHICA'S ADVENTURE online game. Available for the limited-time pricing of just $0.99 through (my affiliate) the Appstore, full details can be found below...

The Rock Father is a 2014 PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent) BloggerMy friends at PBS KIDS continue making their brand of entertainment available everywhere through regular App releases, and the latest comes from the world of CYBERCHASE. The new CyberChase Shape Quest App for iOS combines games, puzzles and 3D augmented reality to challenge kids ages 6-9 to use geometry and spatial reasoning to hone their problem solving skills. The Free App is available now from (my affiliate), iTunes.

2014 marks the 35th Anniversary of the DUKES OF HAZZARD, a show very close to my heart, and one that falls right in there with KNIGHT RIDER as part of that "Retro Pop Culture" thing that I like to share with my kids. I have a couple of seasons on DVD, but since CMT just started running them remastered in HD for the first time, I figured I'd take a peek and see if anything new was in the pipeline on the toy front, and boy, was I surprised at what's coming...

The Disney Princess Line has already been a staple of LEGO Duplo for quite awhile, and we actually have a few of those sets here at Rock Father HQ. Now, with the success of LEGO Friends, the young ladies of Disney have crossed-over into the world of "big kid" LEGOs (recommended for ages 5+), with a new LEGO DISNEY PRINCESS collection of building sets that officially hit retail this month... despite a few sneaking out there shortly before Christmas. The first wave focuses on four of the Disney Princesses, Rapunzel (TANGLED), Ariel (THE LITTLE MERMAID), Cinderella, and Merida (BRAVE). Check out the details on these new sets below, all of which are available via (my affiliates) Amazon and LEGO Shop.

Wednesday, January 01 2014 16:49

Preview: MARVEL Select WINTER SOLDIER Action Figure...

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With CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER set for it's big-screen debut this April, Diamond Select Toys is ramping up anticipation not with a movie-specific figure, but with a comic-accurate version of the Winter Solider, which as been released as part of their MARVEL Select line available exclusively through (my affiliates) Disney Store and Marvel Store. Recommended for Ages 8+, this free-standing new depiction of Cap's old friend Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier features 16 points of articulation and interchangeable accessories. Take a look at some of the preview images that the folks from Diamond Select recently hit The Rock Father with...

Wednesday, January 01 2014 02:13

Giveaway: The FUNNY OR DIE Game from Hasbro

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It's a New Year, and that means it's time for some new giveaways here on The Rock Father - chances to score cool prizes for the whole family. This one is recommended for Ages 13+, the new FUNNY OR DIE Game from Hasbro. The folks from Hasbro Gaming have teamed up with me to get one lucky reader hooked up with a copy to play with their family, and since the game is based on captions... you're gonna have to caption one of my photos to enter!

Wednesday, December 18 2013 00:42

Video Game Giveaway: Win FARMING SIMULATOR 2013 for PS3!

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Last month, the surprise European hit FARMING SIMULATOR arrived in the U.S. for XBOX 360 and PS3. I was immediately interested, and the folks behind the game had a "care package" sent to Rock Father HQ that was one of the most creative promotional items I've ever received: A collection of artisan snacks and treats from the Heartland of America... Kansas. While I personally remain an XBOX loyalist, what I've got for you today is a giveaway that's solely for my friends that have a Sony Playstation 3. Ten (10!) lucky readers will receive a copy of FARMING SIMULATOR 2013 for PS3!

125cpkIt was 1983 when the CABBAGE PATCH KIDS burst onto the National scene with the mass-produced versions of Xavier Roberts' cute creations. I had just turned seven, and my sister was just a few months out from her fourth birthday when Christmas '83 rolled around and sent shoppers into a frenzy - perhaps the first major example of a must-have toy that created absolute chaos in in the toy department. There were tales of people scalping CPK dolls from the trunks of cars... squeezing parents for whatever they could in a pre-eBay world. For my sister and I, we wouldn't get dolls in '83, but would a year later when they were a little easier to come by, but still a hot holiday toy. My doll is named "Ollie," and I still have the little guy. On his tush, he's marked with Roberts' signature, and a little number "84."

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