The folks at Harmonix just hit The Rock Father with the latest news on DLC coming to their ROCK BAND platform, which is still rocking hard nearly five years-in! Next week, tracks from HOOBASTANK, WHITESNAKE, and CUTTING CREW will be hitting the Rock Band store. Check out the details below.

SKYLANDERS have really become a big thing in recent months, something that kind of flew under my radar despite my review of the game last December. In fact, I know that some of my fellow Dad Bloggers (like Jeff Bogle over at Out With The Kids) are pretty into it. Well, I may have to delve back into that world as Robert Welkner from Coin-Op TV just sent me an email with a link to the video that you're about to watch: The Best Skylanders Cakes. Yes, with how big the Skylanders are getting, the characters have become a popular theme for Birthday Parties and Special Occasions, and Rob has scoured the internet to find some of the best designs. Take a look.

Having been on a huge retro kick lately (which my wife called ''creepy''), this new trailer for the film WRECK-IT RALPH really hits the spot. My wife and munchkin both enjoyed it as well, and we're all looking forward to November when the Walt Disney Co. releases this to theaters. The plot? A video game character very similar to DONKEY KONG (or those monsters in RAMPAGE!) gets tired of being the bad guy after 30 years of thankless work. What does he do? Well, he sets off on an adventure beyond his game. See how many old friends from your childhood pop up in the trailer below...

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LEGO Super Heroes New for 2012

It's days like today when I realize just how far behind I am in my videogame playing. I have an XBOX 360 and a Wii sitting here, neither of which have been fired up in ages, and news hits that LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPERHEROES is coming. I haven't even played LEGO BATMAN 1 yet! But, as a kid that grew up on DC Comics (sorry, MARVEL) I am really excited about this. It's the perfect way to build upon the best-selling LEGO videogame of all-time (I loved LEGO STAR WARS) and expand into the newly-launched line of DC Superheroes that LEGO has. Even better? They used Danny Elfman's BATMAN theme alongside John Williams' SUPERMAN theme in the trailer. Watch this:

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I haven't played an old-school ''fighting'' game in years, but this makes me wanna get going on that again. Personally, I've always been more of a STREET FIGHTER guy myself, but this audio/visual mashup from British electronic duo ADDICTIVE TV finds the pair doing battle against both STREET FIGHTER and TEKKEN inhabitants. Something interesting to start your Monday off? Perhaps...

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powergloveIf you don't know what a "Power Glove" is, you were probably born after 1990.

History Lesson: The Power Glove  (I still have one) was a gaming controller marketed by Mattel in the US (Pax in Japan) that got kids like myself to harass our parents into a trip to Toys R Us with the promise of looking like a little bad-ass while playing games on the original NES (that's Nintendo Entertainment System for all you youngsters).

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