As it was once written: "For centuries, the Legend of Santa Claus has evolved. From Saint Nicholas to Kris Kringle, Father Christmas to simply, Santa - this mysterious giver has taken many forms, appearing throughout the world under countless names to delight and inspire families by doing for others each and every holiday season. For many, the spirit of “Claus” is held within, a shining light that burns with the desire to do for others, particularly for those less fortunate."

When I became "The Rock Father" upon the birth of our first daughter back in 2009, I had no idea where the road of parenthood would lead. Eventually it became clear that my path is branching, and just as becoming a parent led to the birth of this digital magazine - this site led to the opportunity to do more. My job has allowed me to do some good our local community, and last year the opportunity arose to partner with General Motors and OnStar to hit the road to do some "Black Friday Shopping for Good" - the end result of which provided gifts for 37 children across 15 families right here in our township. Regardless of sponsorship, I made a decision that we'd do it again this year - and bigger, if possible. The Rock Daughters and I began amassing gifts in our garage, and as the holiday season began, we started ramping up a bit. Then, I'm happy to say that we partnered with Chevrolet and OnStar once more, and for 2015 #ChevyShopsForGood!

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We have a few different products from Uncle Milton here at Rock Father HQ (like this cool one), and one of the more recent arrivals is currently hanging in Little Finley's bedroom. The Wild Walls Lightning Speed Grand Prix is a "light and sound experience" that features Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Francesco Bernoulli and other characters from the Disney•Pixar film, CARS 2. As car-fixated as my youngest daughter is, you'd figure she'd like this one, and she does... but my wife's not a fan.

As summer approaches, time outside will be plentiful, and I'm always on the hunt for new toys for outdoor fun. One recent arrival here at Rock Father HQ came from Uncle Milton, and is a pretty unique bit of fun, albeit one that's been known by a few different names over the past year or so. The National Geographic Explorer Academy Explorer's Torch (also sold by ThinkGeek as the "Wall Torch Sconce" or Uncle Milton direct as "Torch in my Room") is one of those simple toys that just hits on all the right marks for exactly what it's supposed to be.

Uncle MiltonWith both of my girls really being in full-blown DOC McSTUFFINS mode (it's the first property that they've really connected with together) and our collection of DOC toys and clothing ever-expanding, I couldn't resist the offer posited by Uncle Milton to check out their new DOC McSTUFFINS room light from their WALL FRIENDS Collection. You see, when I was first introduced to the Wall Friends idea, I pegged it as something that kids and parents would absolutely love... provided they could actually see and find them. After a slow roll-out over the past year or so, Wall Friends have arrived at select Target Stores (list here), and are available online as well.

logounclemiltonNot long ago, the folks at Uncle Milton Toys introduced me to something new they were whipping up called WALL FRIENDS. Together with their WILD WALLS, these new lines of licensed accessories are aiming to brighten the bedrooms, and enlighten the imaginations of a lot of kids as they begin rolling out to stores this year. After looking at the Wall Friends on virtual paper, I said that it was an idea that kids and parents were just gonna love... and later this week, I'll find out if that's true as a DOC McSTUFFINS Wall Friends set and LIGHTNING McQUEEN Wild Walls kit just arrived here at Rock Father HQ today... coincidentally, just as they've arrived in select Target stores. This is where you come in, and have a chance to brighten your wallet...