PEANUTS Brand AmbassadorIt's a huge year for PEANUTS, as the iconic characters from Charles M. Schulz celebrate their 65th anniversary - a year that will be capped-off by the release of  the first-ever 3D CGI Peanuts feature film, THE PEANUTS MOVIE, from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox. To get that PEANUTS vibe rolling for the summer, the folks at Target commissioned their design team to create a full line of exclusive Summertime PEANUTS products - over 100 items in all! Now, as a PEANUTS Worldwide Brand Ambassador, I'm giving all of YOU a chance to win a special PEANUTS Summertime Prize Package that includes a Paddle Ball game featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock; a Jumbo Flying Disc emblazoned with Snoopy himself; a Snoopy Sippy Cup; and the massive Snoopy Ride-On Pool Float!

Our GenerationWith baseball season in full-swing, our girls have been getting back into the spirit of things by making their own fun here at Rock Father HQ. For us, the baseball bug really set in last year when I coached Addie's Pee-Wee Baseball Team, and while she's not playing ball in an organized league this year, the game is still all around us. Taking that vibe into the world of her 18" dolls is the new Our Generation "Hit A Homerun" Fashion Set from Battat, available exclusively at Target as part of their extensive Our Generation collection of dolls and accessories. This well-crafted uniform (call it "baseball" or "softball") looks and feels like the real thing, with a button-down jersey, pants, socks, a pair of cleats, a bat and ball. 

Our Generation DollsWhen we last went hands-on with Our Generation Dolls here on the site, The Rock Daughters (Adalyn and Finley) were checking out a full starter assortment of items from Battat Toys' 18" Doll line - all sold exclusively at Target stores here in the U.S. With Spring here, we're putting emphasis on the outdoors, and our latest review box from Battat featured a pair of big items that are perfect for embracing that spirit of outdoor adventure for kids - whether they're playing indoors or out. The My Way and Highways 4x4 and R.V. Seeing You Camper have both been on the market for awhile now, but like us, many families are just discovering the incredible assortment of affordably-priced items that Our Generation offers. Let's take a look...

Our GenerationOver the past few years, the world of 18" Dolls and Accessories has become an increasingly crowded space - and one often confusing for parents to navigate. While the market is no doubt dominated on the high-end by Mattel's American Girl line, more affordable options are spread across multiple retailers and platforms. Being the parents of two girls, my wife and I have often found ourselves weighing the options on certain things, and it's a topic we've come across with other doll-buying grownups as well: We all know that the AG stuff is good, but what about the options that don't cost an arm and a leg? The folks at Battat just may have what you're looking for, with their Our Generation Dolls and accessories - a growing collection of toys that manage to hit on all the right notes of playability, durability, collectibility and affordability. After going hands-on with an assortment of Our Generation Dolls at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair last year, the crew at Battat had an assortment of their latest offerings delivered to Rock Father HQ for testing and evaluation by Addie and Finn (The Rock Daughters) in our state-of-the-art Toy Testing Facility (our house). Here's our full review, along with video of the unboxing...

A Charlie Brown Christmas2014 marks 50 years of A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS airing on television, first on CBS (boy, do I remember eagerly awaiting the start of it as a kid, when it would be prefaced by this groovy intro) and now on ABC. After making it's latest bow earlier this month, ABC will air A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS once more on Tuesday, December 16 at 8:00PM EST/PST (though it's always available on Blu-ray and DVD). To celebrate the big 5-0 ahead of next year's PEANUTS movie (see a trailer here), Kohl's, Target and Old Navy have rolled-out some exclusive Peanuts apparel for the holidays, and THE ROCK FATHER is proud to team-up with Santa Snoopy to help get your family outfitted! Check out the assortment below, and then enter for your chance to win!*

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We have a "two-car" garage here at Rock Father HQ, but it's been awhile since it's actually seen a car - a real car - inside it. My Dad might've pegged it best when he deemed it "the warehouse" on a visit last year, a nickname that I've since adopted since the garage has been used for anything but keeping vehicles safe these past few years... rather, becoming a place for storage, toys and projects... with my tools and such shoddily tossed-in with no real organization. I did tackle the Christmas decorations back in January (something I'd written about), but with Spring here, it became really apparent that I absolutely have to get that garage whipped into shape. For my kids, it probably looks like the warehouse in INDIANA JONES. To me? A mess.

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