I love SESAME STREET. Even better, my girls love Sesame Street. It's near-daily viewing via PBS KIDS and Sprout, and we have a ton of Sesame Street toys, books, and games. One of the first items I wrote about for The Rock Father back in 2011 was LET'S ROCK ELMO!, which I thought should've been a massive hit. Considering that I've seen it on clearance (I pre-ordered it at Toys "R" Us and paid full price), it seems it wasn't. But... It's a big hit here at Rock Father HQ, and that's what matters. Now, the details are out on the 2013 lineup of SESAME STREET items from PLAYSKOOL, and things are looking good. Here's the latest from TOY FAIR in New York...

Being The Rock Father, I'm big into toys that involve musical play. I might even go overboard at times (there's more than a few preschool "guitars" here at Rock Father HQ), but I just can't avoid it. With the American International Toy Fair going on in New York right now, there's a lot more musical toys being revealed, and a new spin comes courtesy of MEGA BLOKS and their FIRST BUILDERS line. Check out the BILLY BEATS DANCING PIANO below...

Straight out of the American International Toy Fair in New York City comes news that MGA Entertainment, Inc. and Nickelodeon have partnered to launch 52 episodes of the animated preschool series LALALOOPSY.  Set to debut this Spring on Nickelodeon, this new series is based on the popular Lalaloopsy line of toys. 

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Originally posted on February 10, 2013... interestingly enough, a year later (2/16/2014) and Crayola has a different company handling PR for Toy Fair 2014 (it's Edelman now) and it's all back to "Mom." Pretty safe to assume that Crayola is steering the ship on this and not the PR folks.

UPDATED: On 2/19/2013, a rep from Coyne PR on behalf of Crayola sent me a nice message that included the following:

"Your post was very poignant and makes some great points. Dads do play an important role in raising their kids and our products are the tools to help Moms and Dads, along with Grandparents, care givers, etc. foster creativity and inspire imagination in children. As we move forward, we will look at how we present our information to be sure we are inclusive of all individuals who care about kids and support raising creatively inspired children."

ORIGINAL POST: It's Sunday night, and as most folks are watching the GRAMMYS (my wife included), I'm sitting here skimming through hundreds of press releases and product sheets rolling into Rock Father HQ from the American International Toy Fair in New York City. While I wish I'd gone this year, getting the news via email and the wires is the next best thing, though I have to be a little picky about what I cover here on The Rock Father as time is something I could use more of. One thing striking me as I check out the media materials from a lot of toy makers is how archaic their views of playtime, parenting, and family structure still are. Yes, despite all the strides made in the last year about "gender neutrality" (a huge media push, too) and the change in family structure, the old stereotypes are back this weekend in New York, and the charge is being led by some disappointing offenders.

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At the in-progress American International TOY FAIR in New York today, MEGA Brands revealed their new line of MEGA BLOKS HOT WHEELS Building Sets, created in partnership with Mattel. 

TFUPDATED with some prototype shots (2/11/13): Straight from the American International TOY FAIR in New York comes word that Sanrio and NECA have announced a licensing agreement "to produce games, collectibles, toys and novelty items featuring HELLO KITTY and other Sanrio characters." Translation: There's more Hello Kitty stuff bound to show up in my daughters' rooms here at Rock Father HQ in the months ahead.

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