Hatchimals were the hottest toy for Holiday 2016, and now they're poised for another big run. As the franchise has grown well-beyond the original hatching electronic toys to include Hatchimals Colleggtibles, clothing and more, Spin Master has now revealed the next evolution of the original toys: Hatchimals Surprise. Hailing from the world of Hatchtopia, Hatchimals Surprise are are said to be "different from any Hatchimals seen before." There's a completely new hatching process, with new species to meet and what's being called "a BIG surprise" set to come on the Second Annual Hatchimals Day, Friday, October 6, 2017!

Without a doubt, Hatchimals were the hottest holiday toy of last year. Now, Spin Master is expanding that world with Hatchimals Colleggtibles - a new series of micro-collectible figures and accessories, born from the magical world of Hatchtopia. Arriving at retailers this spring, these collectible figures bring the magic of Hatchimals to small-scale, still requiring the love of a child to hatch. Available in single blind bags, 2-packs (with nest) and 4-packs (with bonus), kids can rub the heart on each speckled egg to help their new friends hatch. When the heart changes from purple to pink, it's time to crack the egg (by pressing on it) to see who's waiting inside. My friends at Spin Master sent us a small assortment for review in The Toy Testing Facility here at Rock Father HQ, and this is what we got. Check out the video below!

It was earlier this year at The Toy Insider's HoliDAY of Play where I got my first-hand look at what would become the most sought-after toy for the 2016 Holiday season - Spin Master's Hatchimals. With a Global public unveiling scheduled for October 7 (dubbed "Hatchimals Day"), I'd been invited to take part in the action - something that travel prevented, but with a pair of Hatchimals having arrived at Rock Father HQ for review, I still prepped our own "Hatching Party." With supplies allegedly dwindling, I've held off on posting our video until now - a hands-on example of just what Hatchimals are all about, capturing the excitement of the Hatching, but also taking a look at the craze... and how to find your very own Hatchimal! First-off, let's take a look at what Hatchimals are all about...