WBCP125Being as into Pop Culture as I am, I love when Licensing Expo rolls around - the annual peek at what the biggest media powerhouses are rolling out to offer companies for new and innovative products in the year ahead. When I mention "powerhouses," few are as big as Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), and this year they're rolling into Licensing Expo 2014 with the big guns out - celebrating the 75th Anniversaries of BATMAN and THE WIZARD OF OZ, the success of GODZILLA, the finale to THE HOBBIT Trilogy, and favorites like SCOOBY-DOO, LOONEY TUNES, TOM AND JERRY, HARRY POTTER, SUPERNATURAL and more. Here's a full taste of what's on-deck from WBCP...

You just never know what a child will gravitate toward. Despite having countless toys of her own, at some point within the past year, Adalyn grew fond of a plush bear by the name of Poopsie. Created in 2001 by Ty Inc. and released as both a Beanie Baby and Beanie Buddy, Poopsie is essentially A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, crafted to appear similar in shape to "Classic Pooh," but in a color scheme closer to Disney's more mainstream version. I bought Poopsie for my wife long before we ever considered having kids.

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Dark Knight TrilogyThe folks at Warner Bros. Studios got in touch with The Rock Father tonight about their "Cyber Monday 2.0" sale over at WBShop.com and WarnerArchive.com. From big savings on over 1300 Warner Archive Collection titles, the release of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY tomorrow, and new items from THE HOBBIT and HARRY POTTER, they've got a little of everything for the pop culture-lover on your holiday shopping list. In fact, there's something for the whole family! Current Coupon Codes and links below...  AKMQ23X6MR4M

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I fear that my daughters will not only miss out on growing up with some truly iconic films, but also the magic delivered by the marketing that my generation grew up with. Pre-internet overkill, there was a curiosity built by a well-crafted movie poster - a hand-drawn first gateway into a world yet to be experienced. Recently retired, artist DREW STRUZAN was one of - if not the most iconic artist in the game, bringing to life the images of BACK TO THE FUTURE, STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES, HARRY POTTER, and celebrating it's 30th Anniversary this year, E.T. Now a feature-length documentary on Struzan is on the way, and tonight I'm sharing the first trailer for DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER. Check it out.

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Last November, the folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star blasted into outer space with a collection of songs inspired by the worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy. SCI-FI LULLABY (available now on iTunes) is a 15-track set of famous themes re-worked for the infant crowd, perfect for introducing your favorite fandom to the smallest member of your family. 

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