This past weekend, the 10th Annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair took place at Navy Pier. This was the first year that I've attended, checking in early on Saturday as one of nearly 200 Bloggers and Media Personalities invited to cover the event. While bringing the kids is more than encouraged for #ChiTaG, the family and I went separate directions. With a long-planned birthday party to attend and with one faction of the family doing Thanksgiving that day, my wife took the girls as I headed to Chicago with a special guest, my Mom.

floppetsdisplayWhen FLOPPETS first hit my radar earlier this year, I'll be honest - I wasn't that interested. I'd only seen them online, but sometimes it takes first-hand experience to win someone over, and in this case, that's exactly what happened. I'd been expecting a package from a PR firm I deal with here at Rock Father HQ, and when it arrived, in the bottom of the box happened to be a handful of Floppets, probably tossed-in with hopes of catching my eye. They did - but they caught my daughter's eye first.