With two girls in the house, I see a lot of dolls come through here at Rock Father HQ - a mix of those we purchase, receive as gifts or are sent for testing. From the MOXIE GIRLZ line comes one of this year's most unique and charming offerings - the Moxie Girlz Ice Cream Bike with Sophina. The well-crafted and uniquely functional toy brings a different kind of vehicle into the doll aisle - one that works as-advertised, and surprisingly requires no batteries! With her articulated legs, knees and ankles, Sophina is able to "pedal" the bike as the little ones push it, while the wheels of the ice cream cart turn a genuine music box for that authentic sound and feel. 

October has been Lalaloopsified - not just here at Rock Father HQ, but everywhere as the Lalaloopsy friends have been popping up everywhere from Nick Jr. to Netflix, in the toy aisles and beyond. In fact, Lalaloopsy is now the #1 collector brand for girls ages 2-11, and they recently announced that on November 15th they'll be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for The World's Largest Pajama Party in multiple locations (currently set at 34,000) and you can take part. My girls have caught the Lalaloopsy bug - recently getting decked-out in costumes based on Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Mittens Fluff N' Stuff from my friends at BuyCostumes (I'm one of their #OrangeTuesday Amassadors)... and they might have pulled me in, too. One of their most played-with toys these days is the Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise Peanut Big Top... yes, the one that "Magically Poops" Charms. Want to win a Diaper Surprise Baby for your own little one(s)? Read on, friends, because MGA Entertainment and THE ROCK FATHER have your chance!

Now this is a coup. Yes, Hasbro would like to build a snowman - and they soon will. Hasbro and Disney Consumer Products have entered into agreement for Hasbro to develop dolls and toys based on the DISNEY PRINCESS stories and characters, as well as the world of FROZEN beginning in 2016. These lines move over from Mattel, who has been producing Disney-based dolls for many years (we have quite a few here at Rock Father HQ). From the rumor department, there have been rumblings for awhile that Disney might be eyeing an eventual takeover of Hasbro (again, rumor and speculation here), but with Hasbro already producing toys from the Disney-owned STAR WARS and MARVEL properties, the addition of FROZEN and DISNEY PRINCESS into the mix certainly makes an alignment look more apparent.

You probably wouldn't be inclined to immediately pair STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE with THE ROCK FATHER, but this 37-year-old Dad has a long history with those deliciously-scented characters from American Greetings - a history that dates back well into the early 1980s. Indeed, I had the little Kenner figurine of Huckleberry Pie from the old "Strawberryland Miniatures" collection that Hasbro used to make (I wrote about him once before, here), and after playing with Strawberry and the gang for many years with my little sister, enjoying that world with my own daughters has been an easy thing to do. We've seen the show on the Hub Network, and own some of the DVDs from Fox, and now we've reached the point of getting into the toys as well, and not only do they still smell great - they rock, too!

There's a new earworm in town this evening, and it comes from an unlikely source - Lalaloopsy. A new live-action music video inspired by MGA Entertainment's Lalaloopsy Girls doll line just been released, and you could say it's SEW infectious... or, it certainly is here at Rock Father HQ. I've already had both of my girls on my lap requesting it ("Play it again!"), and after watching it three times, they were upstairs singing the chorus and dancing with sunglasses on while they should be in bed getting rested for school. Speaking of "school," this new video features the girls rocking the halls of L.A.L.A. Prep (Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts), where they attend magical classes like Glitter 101 and Cloud Sculpting, busting out moves from choreographer JaQuel Knight (Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera). Stitched Together….Friends Forever. Check it out below...

Get girly-glam Gear at the Barbie BoutiqueA couple of years ago, Addie and I discovered the series of CGI-animated BARBIE movies that Universal has been releasing one or two times a year. Much to my surprise, they're not bad - and now having viewed many of them, it's incredible to see just how much the quality has increased over the years. The first massive hit here at Rock Father HQ was PRINCESS AND THE POPSTAR (which really needs a follow-up), and it was nearly trumped when Addie found out that there were some BARBIE mermaid movies as well. She loves mermaids, and now that Little Finley is in on the aquatic action as well these days, when Mattel sent us a copy of their latest film, BARBIE: THE PEARL PRINCESS, along with a couple of dolls inspired by the movie (they arrived back in May), excitement was abound, and it's carried well into summer.

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