Lalaloopsy SEW Important PersonIt's official - Lalaloopsy is down with the king... Burger King, that is! For the first-time ever, Lalaloopsy is in a kid's meal, and now through June 25 (or while supplies last), families can find Lalaloopsy accessories - a necklace, compact, key chain or hair clips - in specially-marked Burger King kids meals. To celebrate the launch, my friends at MGA Entertainment and I are teaming-up once more (THE ROCK FATHER is a Lalaloopsy SIP: SEW Important Person Ambassador) to give readers a shot at winning four (4) Lalaloopsy Minis! Enter for your shot at toy glory below!

Our GenerationWith baseball season in full-swing, our girls have been getting back into the spirit of things by making their own fun here at Rock Father HQ. For us, the baseball bug really set in last year when I coached Addie's Pee-Wee Baseball Team, and while she's not playing ball in an organized league this year, the game is still all around us. Taking that vibe into the world of her 18" dolls is the new Our Generation "Hit A Homerun" Fashion Set from Battat, available exclusively at Target as part of their extensive Our Generation collection of dolls and accessories. This well-crafted uniform (call it "baseball" or "softball") looks and feels like the real thing, with a button-down jersey, pants, socks, a pair of cleats, a bat and ball. 

Our Generation DollsWhen we last went hands-on with Our Generation Dolls here on the site, The Rock Daughters (Adalyn and Finley) were checking out a full starter assortment of items from Battat Toys' 18" Doll line - all sold exclusively at Target stores here in the U.S. With Spring here, we're putting emphasis on the outdoors, and our latest review box from Battat featured a pair of big items that are perfect for embracing that spirit of outdoor adventure for kids - whether they're playing indoors or out. The My Way and Highways 4x4 and R.V. Seeing You Camper have both been on the market for awhile now, but like us, many families are just discovering the incredible assortment of affordably-priced items that Our Generation offers. Let's take a look...

LalaloopsyEarlier this month, Lionsgate released LALALOOPSY: FESTIVAL OF SUGARY SWEETS on DVD. For those who haven't picked it up yet, it's airing on Nick Jr. Saturday, March 28th at 2pm ET/PT - so set those DVRs! Now, in addition to the newly-release Lalaloopsy Littles (I have a chance for you to win those - through 3/31 - here), MGA Entertainment released a new doll that's pretty unique: The Stretchy Hair Doll. As a Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person) Ambassador, my girls and I went hands-on with this new doll that allows kids to stretch her hair over three times it's normal length.

Wonder CrewEarlier today, I took my girls to McDonald's for a "sometimes treat" - a Happy Meal, but only because it's St. Patrick's Day and I promised them their once-a-year Shamrock Shakes if they'd been good. I was surprised when the guy asked me if I wanted "a boy toy or a girl toy," because I thought I'd read that McDonald's was ending that practice ages ago. With no sign on the board indicating what the choices were, I stopped him and asked what the options were. He specifically stated, "for the boys it's Hot Wheels, and the girls is Barbie." Ok, so the Mattel promotion is back, but I have two girls that love both of those things. I deferred to the back seat for an answer, and with no surprise, Adalyn said "Barbie," while her little sister Finley answered "Hot Wheels." You'd think by now all the gender discussion with toys would be a non-issue, but it's not - and while I've often spoken of letting my girls play with whatever they want regardless of what "aisle" it comes from, I've heard that for parents of boys (an experience I will never know), there's issues even more challenging. Bottom line: the b.s. double-standard that some adults still push - cool for girls to play with cars and action figures/not cool for boys to play dolls and kitchen. WRONG. Kids can, and should be able to play with whatever toy they desire, but still, one mom is making strides toward making dolls "inspired by boys but truly meant for any child" under the name WONDER CREW - and it's because she has to. While the initial hook is "dolls for boys" (a phrase that does lead the press release), these really are dolls for everyone...

LalaloopsySpring is finally here, and so are some new Lalaloopsy adventures! New on DVD from Lionsgate is LALALOOPSY: FESTIVAL OF SUGARY SWEETS (in-stores now, and airing on Nick Jr. Saturday, March 28th at 2pm ET/PT), and with that comes some Sugary Sweet new dolls - including an all-new series of Lalaloopsy Littles. As a Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person) Ambassador, I'm pleased to give all of you a look at the FESTIVAL OF SUGARY SWEETS, and a chance to win one of the new Lalaloopsy Littles Dolls!

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