Angry Birds has evolved... and you might even say that it just got weird. Rovio, the creator of the legendary Angry Birds, has just launched Angry Birds Evolution - a completely new spin on the game. Along with eastern-style RPG mechanics and promising "console quality graphics" on mobile, the birds are completely reimagined and redesigned to collect, train, and evolve... you could even say that "these birds are not to be flocked with." Rovio, in co-operation with Chimera Entertainment, have created over 100 new birds with multiple evolution states (some look suspiciously familiar to certain 80s action legends and comic book heroes). The dastardly pigs in never ending fauna swine conflict are led by the evil(ish) Don Bacon, who plans to turn the idyllic Bird Island into a hotel chain. Check out the launch trailer and a character featurette that looks quite PREDATOR...

Wednesday, December 28 2016 16:45

Netflix: 10 Things to Stream During Winter Break

Netflix Stream TeamThe holiday season is almost behind us, but as we overlap the end of one year and the beginning of another, chances are the kids are on winter break and the drone of "I'm bored" just may be lurking.  It may not be lurking just for the kids, but also for the adults that care for them, and that's why when the time comes to settle in for some visual entertainment, one need look no further than Netflix. As part of my gig for the Netflix #StreamTeam, I'm always on the lookout for some interesting things - not just the obvious, but some "Rock Father Picks" that might be hidden a little deeper in the Netflix library. Here's a little of everything - perfect for streaming on winter break!

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Sony Pictures' ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE is something that's escaped us thus far this summer. The Rock Daughters have seen (an been photographed with) the giant cardboard standees at the local movie theaters, have watched some of the cartoons on Netflix, and were quite hooked by the trailers for the film... but we just have't been able to see it just yet. To make things even a bit more taunting, a few weeks back, my friends at Spin Master sent us an assortment of ANGRY BIRDS movie toys that have been in my review queue here at Rock Father HQ, tempting the girls to crack them without me, if only because we were faced with an unusually busy June. That's changed now, as we did a nearly 40-minute "Live Unboxing" via Facebook Live, a version of which has been edited for YouTube, allowing a full look at a factory case of 12 bagged collectible ANGRY BIRDS figures, along with the Vinyl Knockout Playset and TNT Invasion Playset!

Wednesday, September 23 2015 16:08

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE has a teaser trailer...

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE has a trailer. It's actually been a little while since I've been so underwhelmed by a simple preview, but this first taste left me with no desire to see the film whatsoever. When ANGRY BIRDS was first announced, I wondered if a 2016 release date would be well beyond the shelf life - because after all, this is a movie based off of an App. I still wonder, and I like the occasional round of ANGRY BIRDS, ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS or ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS when the mood strikes. But this... despite a great cast of talent... is just, blah. Is THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE May 2016's first flop?

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At the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week, Rovio Entertainment and Hasbro announced their latest collaboration - ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS. Once again, the two companies will team to mash-up a pair of pop-culture icons. ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS will come to life in multiple forms, including a mobile game, consumer licensed goods and a product line from Hasbro featuring the innovative TELEPODS platform. They're birds disguised as robots in disguise.

Angry Birds Star Wars II TelepodsRecommended for Ages 5+, Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods from Hasbro are hot right now. Bringing the world of Angry Birds Star Wars into the physical realm, these toys can then use the Telepod technology to teleport your real-world characters into the App and then decide who to launch. You'll need an iOS or Android Device to use these, so please keep that in mind as you prepare for Holiday gifting. In addition to securing a spot in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide here on The Rock Father, my friends at Hasbro and I have teamed-up to get one lucky reader hooked up with an Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods Prize Pack! One reader will receive a box of goodies that includes the DEATH STAR TRENCH RUN Set, and a figure pack with Princess Leia and R2-D2!

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