Wednesday, February 24 2016 16:02

Here They Come... THE MONKEES Action Figures

Though the series arrived 10 years before I was born, I found myself enamored with THE MONKEES during re-runs on WFLD Channel 32 here in Chicago - the same place were I first experienced many cool things as a kid (1966 BATMAN, THE GREEN HORNET, GREAT SPACE COASTER, etc.). I'm not sure what the current status is of new listeners finding their music (I've played it for The Rock Daughters on vinyl), or new viewers experiencing the show, but the folks at Figures Toy Company are releasing several different series' of MONKEES action figures, all done in a 1970s Mego-style, much like they've done with THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, KISS and the DC Comics SUPER FRIENDS. Announced over a year ago, these were actually supposed to have been released last Fall, but they're coming to Entertainment Earth this Spring...

Update: Sold the truck, and what a miserable experience it has been. Buyer turned out to be a seller at toy shows, and decided to send me harassing messages since I can't mystically control the USPS shipping process - despite having a tracking number available that showed transit progress.

Last week, the girls and I did something that we rarely do - we stopped at a garage sale. Truth be told, we actually turned around to go back to a garage sale we'd already passed, just because I'd spotted some big, old TONKA Trucks sitting out there. The sale was actually at a construction company, so it was pretty perfect that they'd have toy construction gear, but most of the TONKA stuff (some dating back to the 60s) was in pretty rough shape - except for one. With the sandbox in mind, the girls and I selected a completely working 1991 TONKA Mighty Crane that still has a lot of play left in it. As I put it in the trunk, the guy came over and pointed out the shell of an old Buddy L truck, and something I'd never seen before... a flatbed truck labeled "Johnny Express." I wasn't really interested at first, but when he showed me a box of parts for it, I figured it was worth a shot - again with the sandbox/outdoor play in-mind. I had no idea I was purchasing a legend.

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The action figure-slinging badasses over at Diamond Select Toys hit The Rock Father with news on some of their latest goodies, the perfect way to help expose your kids to the glory of THE MUNSTERS. Following-up two successful runs of figures from the classic TV series, THE MUNSTERS SELECT Series 3 is the "HotRod" series - a new collection of figures, each packed with a piece required to build their famous staircase, complete with Eddie's buddy, Spot. Check 'em out below.

I don't review too many singles here on The Rock Father, and it's probably for the simple fact that there aren't a lot of bands that still release physical singles. For the California trio known as THE HIPWADERS, it's fitting that they do, as their music recalls better days for the music industry - a time when bands would crank out fresh music on a regular basis, serving it up regularly on 7-inch, 45rpm vinyl available only at the neighborhood record store. It's a very 1960s business model.