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31 Days of Halloween: TRICK OR TREAT - A New Short Film starring UNIVERSAL MONSTERS Select Action Figures

Diamond Select Toys makes some of the coolest collectibles out there right now (we have some here at HQ), among them a line of action figures based off of the iconic Universal Monsters. This year, animator Alex Kropinak (MARVEL.com's "What The...?!" series) has brought the figures (sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, Rudy Garcia and Jean St. Jean) to life in their first-ever animated short using a combination of stop-motion photography and computer graphics. Behold the horror below as the Mummy, the Wolfman, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein's Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and the Metaluna Mutant star in TRICK OR TREAT!


Exclusive First-Look: MEGA BLOKS DESPICABLE ME "Tim" in the Wild #MinionMontage

MEGA BLOKSBack on October 10, 2014 there was a knock on the door here at Rock Father HQ - an oddity since most ring the doorbell and subsequently send our dogs into a frenzy. When I looked outside, there was no one to be seen until I happened to look down. There he stood, a small yellow creature in a pair of purple and white flowered shorts. Having seen DESPICABLE ME and it's 2013 sequel, I knew immediately that I was looking at a "Minion." You see, somewhere between Montreal and New York City (where visitors got an unannounced sneak-preview at NYCC, the New York Comic-Con), seven Minions escaped the crew at MEGA BLOKS as preparations were underway to announce a new deal between Mega Brands (part of the Mattel family of companies) and Universal Partnerships & Licensing to bring DESPICABLE ME Construction Sets into stores just in-time for the holiday season. Out of seven minions, "Tim" now lives here with us, while six others are still out there... somewhere, most likely lurking within the confines of some perhaps familiar names in the online world of pop culture. One thing is certain, and that's that Tim is ready for adventure, and the #MinionMontage has begun. Check out these shots from my Instagram...


31 Days of Halloween - Killer Kickstarter: Tote-Ems Plush Toy Monsters

For today's entry into 31 Days of Halloween 2014, we have something different - something not intended to be today's entry. In fact, TOTE-EMS MONSTER PLUSH came from out of the shadows and onto my radar via one of the darkest, most sinister places on the internet: Kickstarter. Now, I don't cover a lot of crowdfunding projects anymore (please, read this before submitting), but once in a rare while, something strikes me... or in this case, sinks its fangs in like a vampire's bite. It's a project perfectly-launched in time for Halloween, and one with a ton of potential. Toy designer David Murphy (a 15-year pro who's worked on a ton of Disney licenses including a little property called FROZEN) has created over 100 characters for his Tote-ems line, complete with full backstories for each. These little creatures have stretchy arms, a snapping function, and are ready to go wherever kids are. Watch the video below and let David give you the full scoop...


Giveaway: Win a Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise Baby in The Rock Father's Lalalloween Extravaganza!

October has been Lalaloopsified - not just here at Rock Father HQ, but everywhere as the Lalaloopsy friends have been popping up everywhere from Nick Jr. to Netflix, in the toy aisles and beyond. In fact, Lalaloopsy is now the #1 collector brand for girls ages 2-11, and they recently announced that on November 15th they'll be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for The World's Largest Pajama Party in multiple locations (currently set at 34,000) and you can take part. My girls have caught the Lalaloopsy bug - recently getting decked-out in costumes based on Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Mittens Fluff N' Stuff from my friends at BuyCostumes (I'm one of their #OrangeTuesday Amassadors)... and they might have pulled me in, too. One of their most played-with toys these days is the Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise Peanut Big Top... yes, the one that "Magically Poops" Charms. Want to win a Diaper Surprise Baby for your own little one(s)? Read on, friends, because MGA Entertainment and THE ROCK FATHER have your chance!


Watch & Listen: Remember MY BUDDY and KID SISTER? They Just Went METAL...

Between toys and music - the stuff my girls and I are checking out now, along with all the retro goodness that I tend to get into, a lot of weird stuff crosses our paths and enters our space. Tonight I've got a sonic oddity to share, one that takes the 1980s MY BUDDY dolls (the inspiration for "Chucky" of the CHILD'S PLAY movies) and the accompanying KID SISTER that Playskool made, and gives their famous theme a "metal" spin. Check that out below, along with similar treatment given to classic commercials for JUICY FRUIT and SKIP-IT, each made by Shaun Callaghan of GIVE ZOMBIES THE VOTE. It reminds me of LESS THAN JAKE's TV EP

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